12 Steps to Increase Your Blog Revenue

All bloggers want to increase their blog revenue, but only a few of them succeed at this in time. The remaining bloggers seem to either fade out or sell out. Ever wonder why that is? What is X doing that Y is not? Top bloggers say it’s all about using leverage – using whatever power you have at your disposal to increase your blog content.

1. Get The Most Of Your Blog’s Content

What happens to all the posts you’ve uploaded in the past? Try recycling them innovatively. Here are a few ideas:

  • eBooks: Compile them into theme-based eBooks – you can even sell them on your blog
  • Videos: Renew them as videos, especially if you have step-by-step how-to posts
  • Premium Content: Lure your readers to your curated premium-content page through a small sample, and charge a membership fee for full access.
  • Social Media: Post a few parts of your old posts on Facebook, enough to get people interested in your archival pages

2. Get The Most Out Of Your Visitors

  • Promote Referrals: Offer a nice reward for members who refer your site to a friend. Make sure the reward is good enough to tempt your readers.
  • Make Your Blog Easy To Share: It’s a cost-free platform, so why not take advantage of it? Make it easier for your readers to share your blog with others by putting up social media share buttons.
  • Use Your Blogger Network: Hype up your guest posting efforts, even if you have to pay to get posted. Promote their blogs and ask for a return favor.
  • Build A Blog Community: Participate in your blog’s comments and mount interaction with readers. Post highly informative comments on other blogs and build a blog community.

3. Use Retargeting Strategies

  • Tag Previous Visitors: Drop a little snippet of Javascript on your site to anonymously tag everyone who’s visited your site, and display your Ads on their browsers.
  • Include Both Text And Image Ads: Research indicates that images-only Ads don’t have the same recall power as Ads that have both images and text.
  • Highlight Social Media Presence: Highlight your newsletters, Twitter or Facebook accounts in your Ad. Some people check out your presence on them instead of clicking the Ad.

4. Launch Your Own Product

When you launch your own product, you get to achieve two things: 1) Send traffic to your product and 2) Keep all the money, since it’s your own product! You can vastly increase revenue with this method if you play it right.

5. Use Online Focus Groups

You can either join an existing online focus group in your niche, or create a new group out of readers and customers. Ask specific questions with regard to how they’d like to see your blog grow, what products they’d like to buy on your site and so on.

6. Step Into Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t considered affiliate marketing yet, it’s a good way to increase your blog’s revenue. Sign up with a good company after carefully checking their reputation and existing traffic. Also make sure that your audience will appreciate the products you’re planning to sell.

7. Brand Your Blog

Create a unique logo for your blog, select your signature colors and use them repeatedly on your blog.  Bring in consistency to the look, tone and feel of your blog so that people immediately recall your blog when they see your newsletter, email or Ad.

8. Analyze Your Competition

Only when you know who you’re up against can you create a compelling marketing plan, which tells customers exactly why your blog is the best for their business. So analyze your completion, identify your USP and make sure you put it up in your sales copy.

9. Make A Good Impression

How would you like to walk into a store to find an entire department ‘under construction’? You won’t visit that store again, even when you see the Ads that it’s all done up. It’s the same with your site – make the best impression you can with the design, the navigation, the content and the value.

10. Be Sure Of Your Niche

Be sure that what you’re selling is relevant to your niche. Study your target audience and get some input on what kind of products they’d like. Try to tailor your product presentation, both verbally and visually, to match the taste of your target audience.

11. Hype Your Sales Campaigns

Execute simultaneous moves in your campaign – that means running your Ads at the same time when your social media campaign is on, and doing content marketing at the same time. Ensure consistency in your logo, your tagline, offer, marketing phrases and so on, so it’s all right on target.

12. Increase Revenue Through Customer Loyalty

Your existing customers are your treasures. Nurture them carefully with loyalty programs, rewards, access to special privileges, discounts and so on. You need to understand your customers at depth in order to really earn their loyalty.

Stephen is an online marketer and freelance writer who specialize in writing about topics related to web conversion rate, landing page designing, website usability and affiliate marketing.

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