The Best Steel Structures in the World

Steel is known to have many properties, which are conducive to architecture and construction. Malleability, flexibility, ductility and resistance are a few of these properties. The best buildings around the world have been constructed with a steel core foundation. A lot of these structures are architectural marvels and have broken world records. However, there are also a few structures which have been completely constructed from steel. These steel structures make jaws drop and heads turn even today. Mentions below are a few of them:

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Picking up after Samsung: Why is LG doing a better job with Google Nexus 4?

Google’s flagship smartphone, the Nexus, has a new iteration in the form of the Nexus 4. Following the limited release of the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus 4 was slated to hit the stores in a nonchalant manner, with little expectations from critics other than being the "next Good Nexus phone." But after its November 13 release just last year, the Nexus 4’s fame ballooned to a point where stores have ran out of stocks, and potential buyers are angered for the slow production. This LG version of the Nexus easily beat its predecessors, which are ironically made by bigger names like Samsung and HTC.

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Paving the Road to Strategic Email Marketing

Virtually every consumer wants to avoid being bombarded by unwanted emails, especially those coming from companies that just want to sell products, goods, or services. However, a selected few would every now and then opt to receive several emails from manufacturers or providers that they truly trust, provided that what is being offered is desirable or interesting.

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What lies ahead: Mobile devices in 2013

The year 2012 has been a great period for mobile devices. Consumers were treated to a plethora of new and revamped gadgets, with the latest iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy series, all taking center stage. From fancy launch dates to viral advertisements, 2012 never let consumers down. But what can we expect as 2013 unfolds? Is there anything else that can be done to 1-up the innovations from the previous year?

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Apple to Release iPhone Mini?

Samsung has been crushing the smartphone wars and it may further widen its lead over Apple this 2013. According to experts and data reports, Samsung is expected to churn out a 33% market share this year (290 million smartphones) from its 31% market share last year, while Apple is expected to grab only 21% (180 million iPhones) from its 20% share last 2012. What’s the reason behind Samsung’s huge lead over Apple?

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Comparing a Business VoIP and a Traditional Telephone: Which One’s Better?

The VoIP phone and the traditional telephone are two of the most talked about communication tools around. People are torn between the two phone services when it comes to their benefits and their disadvantages. Technology-wise, the VoIP phone is more advanced in terms of features and its ability to connect to the Internet. On the other hand, when talking about durability and ease of use, the traditional telephone is the best option.


iPhone VPN is a Wonder

The modern world is advancing each day. Every person wants to remain connected to the internet twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Technology is making progress very fast. There are modern devices which help people to be in touch with their friends, family and work all the time. Modern iPhones are perfect gadgets for this purpose. The users can control their business, work and remain connected to their family and friends whenever they want anywhere in the world. But the problem arises when travelling around the world. This is because of the web filters and the IP blockers. These web filters restrict one’s online freedom while traveling around the world. To bypass these web filters and the web IP blockers iPhone VPN is a reasonable solution. Virtual Private Network works on both Wi-Fi and cellular data network connections. Staying in touch with work partners and one’s social network through iPhone VPN one does not need any particular iPhone application.


How Many Pictures Does the Average Wedding Photographer Take?

A wedding is obviously one of the most special occasions that can happen in any person’s lifetime. There is something special and hopeful about a wedding: everyone is dressed up probably nearly as nice as they have ever been, everyone is in a good mood, and if you are at a wedding odds are you know the people who are madly in love and willing to share the rest of their lives together. That is why the wedding is the perfect place for photos to be taken. And, that is why there are professional photographers who specialize specifically in weddings and similar events.


How Hiring a DUI Lawyer Can Save You Money In The Long Run?

Hiring an attorney may not sound always cheap while you were arrested in the charge of DUI or DWI. But if considered wisely, the decision to move by consulting the lawyer can prove beneficial to you. Being accused of DUI does not mean that you are guilty of the crime and possess the possibility to be imprisoned. Rather the idea to borrow an advisor can better off your condition, even your financial situation in the long-run.

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Quality Risk Management Solutions from Software Applications

There are a lot of business owners who put a lot of effort into risk management solutions. If good investment is put into risk management solutions, it is certain that the work area would be less susceptible to human injuries, illnesses or any fatalities whatsoever. A business could lose a lot of profit, even if just a single employee is not working due to illness or injury from the work area. In cases of accidental death in the work area, a company can really suffer a lot in terms of its reputation and its profits. Owing to these things, risk management solutions should really be something that companies should think of. Learn more about good risk management solutions, their advantages and more with this article.