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What Does Your Man’s Diamond Engagement Ring Say about You?

For eras, diamonds have adored female beauty. Diamonds have always cherished and excited almost every female. And when this special possession is embedded in the form of a diamond engagement ring, all brides feel complete. No matter what her style, there is always a diamond engagement ring that is made just for her. Have a glimpse of the following to know what your man’s diamond engagement ring says about you.


The Top Environmentally Friendly Companies in the United States

As consumers have become more and more aware of the effects that their lifestyles have on the environment as a whole, more and more companies have begun to reach out to that market. People are starting to choose the items they purchase and the companies and brands that they support based entirely on those companies’ and brands’ policies concerning the environment. Every year, Newsweek releases a report on the most environmentally friendly corporations in the world. As environmentalism and global warming garners more attention, these companies are becoming the trailblazers for a whole different kind of approach to economics and the business world. Here is a list of the top environmentally friendly companies in the United States:

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A Brief Look at PCMag’s Top Editor’s Choice for Internet Telephony and VoIP

While browsing through loads of reviews from, I stumbled upon its Internet Telephony & VoIP section and saw a recent review penned by Fahmida Rashid regarding a certain phone service which instantly caught my fancy. While part of it is because I’m currently looking for a business phone system for the bakeshop my mom is opening up in a month, I read the review primarily because the product had the PCMag Editor’s Choice branding, meaning that it has the stamp of approval of the people over at PCMag who, day in and day out, pick and test products out of thousands and thousands of choices in various technology categories.

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Keep them distracted: Apps to keep kids occupied

Yes, we’ve all heard the exact same arguments from parenting experts, teachers, and even the government: too much time on video games can’t be good for kids and young people. They are often repeatedly discouraged from spending too much time in the company of games on PCs, consoles, and even handhelds. Schools and organizations everywhere spend millions on campaigns urging kids and young people to go out more in the real world, make friends, play sports, and experience the outdoors. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with all this.

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The Best Photo-editing Apps for the iOS

Editing photos on your iPhone or iPad are all the rage these days as anyone who has ever bothered to take a look at Instagram can see. Smartphones have come to the point where they surpass even the point-and-shoot cameras in terms of photograph quality and clarity.

Digital Camera Gadgets Technology

Cameras capturing life: Two new concept cameras to hit the market

The online world has increasingly become addicted to taking pictures of everyday life and events and posting them online for the world to see. This photo sharing revolution has created such trends in electronic photography that sites and apps like Instagram have become so huge. Even social media giant Facebook feels a little threatened at the exodus of so many of their teen demographic.

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14 Battery Saving Tips Every iPhone 5 User Should Know

The iPhone 5 is supposedly a great phone. Unfortunately, quite a few users have been complaining about its atrocious battery life. If you’re finding your iPhone bordering on useless when it comes to basic functions like Internet surfing or VoIP service, here’s a little list of standby tips to get more power out of it.


Staying on the Down-Low: The Benefits of Masking an IP Address

Every time a person logs onto the Internet, their Internet service provider assigns them a unique ID in the form of an IP address. Users typically have the same IP address every time they log on through their home computer. A user’s IP address can reveal information about them including their location, browser selection and ISP.

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4 Cool Apps for Pet Owners

Recently, we were asked to adopt a bulldog who just had an eye operation. Long story short, we had prepared everything for her and even given her a name Elle Driver which we thought was really clever, if we do say so ourselves. But then at the last minute, we were told that Elle, our Elle, was going to be adopted by someone else (read: the breeder’s mother). Needless to say, we were very disappointed to the point of vowing to put off our dream of becoming pet owners for a couple of years. Yes, we know that we are being overly dramatic. But then again, you would be too if you have already bought toys, the cutest dog bed, and a mishmash of pet supplies. Anyway, don’t feel too sorry for us. We’re going to be A-Okay–well, at least okay enough to give you a list of the top four apps that you should download if you have the good luck to be a proud pet owner.

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5 Best Travel Innovations of the 21st Century

Today, it seems like everyone has at least one complaint about his or her travel experiences, be it a flight delay, a luggage mishap or a booking slip-up. When you think about it though, travelers have it so much easier now than others did only decades ago. Here’s a look at this century’s top five innovations in travel so far:

1) Global Positioning System

Though GPS has been around for decades, it was only in the early 2000’s that it began to be used in civilian everyday life. It eases the worries of travelers and their families because they know that their plane or ship is being tracked. And of course, you use it to navigate your way through unfamiliar roads, be it by foot or car. Apps utilize your smartphone’s GPS to locate the restaurant, gas station or convenience store nearest you. With GPS, you don’t need to worry about finding someone to get directions from, and that’s a huge burden removed from any traveler.

2) Self-service check-in – and boarding!

Not only do most airlines have online check-in, which enables you to check-in for your flight via Internet, a lot of them also have self-service check-in kiosks. These handy kiosks allow you to access your flight itinerary, make changes in your seat assignment or bag count and print your boarding pass. After that, you just have to deposit your checked baggage at the drop-off counter, and you’re all set.

There’s also this new technology that further minimizes the need for manpower in airports—the so-called self-boarding stations. First introduced last June 27, 2012 at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport, these stations permit you to open the automated gates just by scanning your boarding pass. How nifty is that?

3) In-flight Wi-Fi

During long haul flights, some people may be satisfied with toying with the in-flight entertainment system or prefer to sleep the hours away, but you may be one of those who long to check their emails or surf the web. Thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi, you can satisfy your itch for connectivity as long as you’re willing to pay the quite hefty price. The connection isn’t as fast or reliable as it would be on land, but hopefully, in-flight Internet providers will be able to work on that problem in the next couple of years.

4) User-generated content

Imagine planning your itinerary without the help of sites such as Trip Advisor. It has changed the way we plan our travels and has made the idea of venturing out into the unknown less intimidating. Aside from simply providing a database of hotels, restaurants and attractions, it allows users to rate them, leave comments and even post actual photos. You no longer have to worry about hotels posting misleading photos of their rooms or getting reeled into a gimmicky tourist trap that’s the theory, anyway. There’s still the possibility of people leaving fake reviews, but overall, user-generated content websites tend to be more helpful than not. Plus, you can’t beat the free price.

5) Smartphones

It’s undeniable smartphones have changed the way people live. Nowadays, you don’t just use your phone to make calls; you use it to keep track of the news, send phone system messages and download all kinds of media. It’s especially useful when traveling because all its features and apps ensure that you have your own personal itinerary planner, tour guide, tracking system, documenter and entertainer. It basically allows you to save on the luggage space and many other incidental costs. With the introduction of near-field communication (NFC) chips in new smartphone models, you can even use your phone to pay for your purchases or as an alternative to the standard barcode-based boarding pass. Really, it’s no wonder most people are so dependent on their smartphones.

We’re only thirteen years into the twenty-first century, and we’ve already seen amazing innovations in travel and technology. It’ll be exciting to see what will happen in the years to come.