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Top 10 Best Free Online Photo Editing Websites

Do you want to edit photos but are not expert at using photo editing software? No need to worry as you has many free online photo editing sites at your aid that can be used to edit photos online and add wonderful effects to your normal photos. These sites promote easy to understand and user friendly applications while keeping each application entirely unique from elsewhere. Therefore, if you want to edit your photos online, pick one of the photo editing sites online and add amazing effects to your photos. Here we list out the top 10 best free online photo editing websites to choose from.

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2013 Statistics and Trends on Smartphone Usage

The smartphone has become one of the most popular advancements when it comes to mobile communication. Over the last few years, the number of smartphone users has been hugely increasing. Based on the latest trends, it is forecasted that there will be a continuous rise in the number of smartphone users. The phenomenal success of smartphones has become possible because it was able to penetrate markets such as rural areas and other areas that have no access to dial-up Internet.

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An Overview of Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

It may be so confusing to choose what device to buy nowadays with so many kinds of technologies available in the market. One gadget which is constantly on the trend is the tablet. Some tablets may be converted to netbooks when an optional keyboard dock is attached. There are also others that can be used as mobile phones which permit the user to send messages as well as make and receive calls. Choosing the type of tablet will then be all up to the consumer, depending on his specific needs.

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Promote Your Blog on Google Communities: Ways

Well, it is easy to create a blog. But, making it successful is another story. While blogging, you need to consider which theme to choose as it makes your blog consistent. Then, you should be regular in posting on your blog. Only after following these things, you should try gathering more and more followers or members to your blog. However, there are several ways to promote your blog. One best way is to promote it over Google communities. Like this, you can very well promote your blog. Below are given some of the best ways to promote your blog using Google communities. Read on to know what they are.

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15% off SSLs, Site Scanner and Website Builder

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Successfully Building and Marketing a Property Portfolio

Acquiring rental property can be an attractive business investment in 2013, especially now the government has introduced new measures in the property market which they hope will bring an overall confidence boost to the UK property market. If you are planning to start or increase your property books this year, here is a look at how you can successfully build and market your assets.

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Declutter Your Digital Life in 5 Simple Steps

Gone are the times when having multiple digital accounts and gadgets are only for tech geeks. Today, just about everyone manages different online accounts in various mobile devices. While this indicates a forward-thinking culture, it unfortunately puts people’s machines and data at risk, as cyber-criminals tend to use exploiting digital clutter as a primary tactic. To keep your personal information and gadget safe, organize your digital life by following these 5 simple steps:

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Modeling your presence in this mobile, multi-device world

Not too long ago, we lived in a world where everyone was sitting at office desks or home offices. It was all about desktop computers and laptops. But it’s a completely different scenario nowadays; people aren’t confined to their desks anymore because there’s a wide range of devices available within reach. People are reading e-books on their Kindles, using apps on their iPhones, browsing the Internet through tablets, and more.

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8 Reasons to Consider Migrating Your Business to Windows 8

You might have asked yourself countless times if you should really start migrating your entire business operations to the all-new Windows 8 operating system. If you keep worrying about how it’s going to be outdated soon or if you keep moaning about how tedious and costly the process of upgrading may be, then stop right there. Here are eight (8) solid reasons why you should move your business to Windows 8.

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Why Windows 8 is a Disappointment to Desktop Users

If you are a Windows OS aficionado, you should know by now that Windows 8 has been around for a while. And most likely, you are still on Windows 7. According to StatCounter, Windows 7 is still taking up more than 50 percent of the market share as the most widely used operating system for computers, and it is not really good news for Microsoft. We are a ‘touchscreen’ generation, with the abundance of tablets and smartphones, and the tech giant anticipated that. The problem is they might have prioritized the idea of making the recent OS a bit too touch-friendly.