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Creating an Eye-Catching Point of Sale Display

Point of sale displays, sometimes called "POP displays," are the items displayed near a business’s checkout station. You’ve probably seen these point of sale displays at grocery stores; they include the racks of candy and magazines near the checkout as well as the freestanding displays that hold Beanie Babies, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and other fun

New Year, New Direction for SEO

With the recent release of a new search algorithm known as Hummingbird, it’s clear that Google is changing the playing field. SEO in 2014 won’t look similar to tactics that you may have used last year, many of which Google now frowns upon. The Powerful New Google Google says that the focus of Hummingbird is

The science of file removal In Your Computer

Did you know that the files that you delete on your computer can be recovered? Yes, I mean even if you delete them from your recycle bin, or even if you reformat your hard drive it still can be recovered by computer savvy users! As computing costs goes down hard drives are now able to

How to Act and Think Like an Executive

The Executive Way When people think of an executive, they usually think of someone that’s got it all together – a leader, an innovator, and a goal-setter who’s always prepared and on top of things. Thinking and acting like an executive will help you both in your career and life in general.

Improving Online Business In China

Internet usage all over the world is growing at different rates. But there is no doubting the fact that Internet is being adopted rather rapidly and is changing the way people conduct their lives and their businesses. One such country that shows amazing growth as far as Internet usage is concerned is China.

Choosing an Online Agency: 4 Things to Ask

Marketing a website is going to take a lot of work. Whether you don’t know where to start or have the time to do it, you may be thinking about hiring a professional agency. However, before you pick up the phone or send an email, you have to realize that hiring the right agency is