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How to start your journey as photographer

A professional camera is almost magical in the hands of a beginner, but the abundance of settings, modes and functions, and the fact that using them makes things a lot more complicated, make most beginners to turn to the Auto mode. This is somewhat a blasphemy as many professional cameras actually make worse pictures on

The Pros and Cons of Industrial Automation

The landscape of industry has changed a lot over the past century, but never quite as fast as it has in the last decade or so. Automation has changed the way that manufacturing works and, with the advances in robotics and nanotechnology, it looks set to carry on doing so in the future.

Does Your Online Business Need a Consultant?

There has been a myth regarding online businesses for many years, that if you build a website, people will come and spend money. With the news media full of stories about people who created a simple website that are now billionaires, it is easy to see why this myth continues to exist. However, creating an

The 7 Most Popular iPhone Apps For Girls

In a world full of fashion conscious people, girls cannot afford to stay back. And what can assist them better in the case of fashion other than best friends and cool mobile phone applications? With the advancement in the field of technology that the world is witnessing, iPhone is the phone to have. Technology is

Get organic blog traffic 5 best and easy ways

There are so many methods that can help you to generate organic traffic to your blog. By organic we mean that visitors who come to your site from search engines. For this, you need to understand search engine optimization and other stuff associated with it. With a properly optimized blog for search engines, you can