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Just how healthy are e-cigarettes in the UK?

As a new revolutionary product on the UK market, ECigs in the UK have created a new talking point between not only consumers but also the government. The biggest difference between old school smoking and the new style ‘vaping’ is the replacement of tobacco with eliquid. This eliquid is offered in many varieties containing nicotine,

5 Things You Should Never Say to Unemployed Individuals

As anyone currently navigating the job market knows, employment numbers are grim and the economy is simply not creating enough new positions to accommodate the majority of job-seekers. Although they hear the bad news on television and through wordofmouth, people with stable jobs often appear unsympathetic to unemployed friends and family members. This situation is

How You Can Finally Get Rid of Your Old, Rusty Boat

Maybe you’ve had a boat sitting unused in your driveway for nearly a decade or maybe you’ve just inherited one that did. Maybe the boat has seen some good years of fishing, racing, waterskiing and carousing but hasn’t seen any in a while. Maybe the boat is still in great condition, but the upkeep is

5 Common Eye Ailments That Can Affect Anyone

The eyes, arguably the most-used sense in contemporary society, have many potential ailments that fall short of total blindness. Many are uncommon but disastrously debilitating, like Ebola or Keratoconus; many more are common but equally devastating. Still, the most common eye ailments are rather treatable, like cataracts or glaucoma. I’ve compiled a list of common