The one thing I love about dating is the number of firsts and how you feel every time you have one. The first time your eyes meet across the room, the first time she looks hotter than Angelina Jolie, the first romantic dinner, the first kiss, the first movie you made out at, your first outdoor date, the first weekend you spend together, and so on. Well, even though this phase of the relationship is very exciting and fun, there is a constant pressure to look your best. You don’t know the girl well, she doesn’t know you, and you want to make the best impression on each date. Well, while most of us don’t usually go wrong with our evening date attire, day dates are a bit tricky. Here, we are going to discuss appropriate outfits for outdoor dates.

The first thing every man must have is a pair of good-looking boots. I have seen men wearing their runners for dates, and even though you may think it doesn’t matter, to a girl it does. You don’t want her to go back to her girlfriends and discuss how stupid you looked in those, do you? Wearing rugged looking outdoor boots can make you look manlier. Most boots even add an inch or two to your height. You can go shopping online for these. Try good brands such as Rocky boots, Harley Davidson Boots, Georgia Boots, Chippewa mens boots, Timberland boots, Ariat boots, Wolverine and Caterpillar. You can either try the brands’ official websites or shop from shoes online stores that offer a number of brands. A majority of these boot companies make different types of boots like work boots, outdoor boots, hiking boots, fashion boots, biking boots, etc. Be sure to prefer the outdoor range as these are best for anything from camping to attending an outdoor food festival or a casual day date.

We all own many pairs of jeans, but do you have one that doesn’t look distressed? Well, you might need to buy a pair that is apt for first dates that involve going to the park for a picnic, a casual lunch, a dinner and movie, and the like. Find denims that don’t look sloppy, but rather stylish. Clean, dark colored denims can be easily dressed up or dressed down as per your needs. This is a safe buy. If you do not like dark denims, find jeans that you do but make sure it is not acid washed, distressed, or torn. Fit is important too. The too loose look for jeans is long gone. Nowadays everything should fit right. And since you plan to wear the pair with your new boots, consider the boot cuts. Levi’s is one of the best stores to look for denims. Try the Levi’s 527 Boot Cut Jeans in Tumbled Rigid.

The boot cut jeans and the boots can be paired with anything from a short-sleeved shirt to a t-shirt and sports jacket, but if you want to really play it safe, the best bet is a crisp white shirt. A white shirt is to a guy what a little black dress is to a girl. It is a foolproof fashion statement. If you do not have a casual white shirt, buy one. In fact, buy a few in different materials and styles. You will never regret it. This look is casual and stylish, without even a hint of sloppy. Lenin and cotton are two materials that do the trick every time. Lenin shirts look good in short sleeves, while you may want to buy a long-sleeved cotton shirt and fold up the sleeves to enhance the casual look. You can find white shirts at any department store in your city.

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