The internet is all about image- well, for the most part, as content and relevance also matters quite a bit- so, having a good, effective, attention getting domain name is fairly important. The internet is obviously a gigantic place with an endless amount of information, so trying to find a unique, yet catchy, domain name is very tough. I mean, just think of how hard it was to find a unique email address or a unique Twitter handle, and then imagine how many web sites there are, and how many different names they all have, on the internet as a whole. So, obviously it becomes pretty tough to come up with a unique domain name that people will click on- because, in the end, that it the ultimate goal: you want people to visit your site, and whether you know it or not, the domain new is the key, and one of the most critical, steps you can take to achieve that goal.

Tip #1. Match with your business name

If you are getting a domain name for the reason of starting a business, or with the hopes of increasing your business, then the best idea would be to choose a domain name that matches up with the name of your business. This is a great idea because it will create brand recognition, and stand out among all the competitors on the web (and, there are many.) If your business name is not available, or is already in existence, then you may want choose something that is a variant on the business name. For example, if you own a restaurant named Cal’s Bistro, but is already taken, then you may want to opt for a variant like the name of the business followed by the city it is in. Like, if Cal’s Bistro was located in Seattle, then you could make it, which is probably available. Better yet, the variant domain name will actually perform better in SEO service, than the original domain name might of.

Tip #2. Keep it short and sweet

The last thing you want with a domain name, is a long one. This is because the attention span on the internet is very short, and the long domain name will not be memorized as easily by users and visitors to the site, who may also be your customers. So, the last thing you want to do is to turn off the customer- especially before they purchased something.The best rule to go by is to not make the domain name any longer than 20 characters- maximum. Be sure to come up with a list of short domain name ideas, so you are able to choose the best one out of the whole lot, which will make things easier for you in the end.

Tip #3. Keep it .com

Always try to have a domain name that ends in .com, rather than .net or any of the other ones out there.

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