5 Ways to Help Him Look His Holiday Best

The holidays are here, and while you’re no doubt thinking about what outfit to wear to the next party or which hairstyle to choose for the festivities, don’t forget about the man in your life during this joyous season. Help him look his best by suggesting a few ideas about his wardrobe, accessories and grooming.

  • Designer rings for men: One of the hottest current trends in men’s fashion is jewelry. Whatever form it may take – from bracelets to pendants to necklaces to designer rings for men – jewelry for men is more popular than ever before. Even if your guy isn’t accustomed to wearing a lot of jewelry, he’s sure to enjoy any one of the many masculine, attractive ring styles now on the market. Rings are easy to wear and not too showy, which makes them terrific choices for men who aren’t used to donning jewelry. On the other hand, if the man in your life wears jewelry often, he’ll find countless designer rings for men to choose from, many at remarkably affordable prices. Browse through the great selection online, see what he likes, and start your holiday gift list for him!
  • Grooming: Two words can sum up the advice you shouls give to your man regarding grooming, whether it’s this holiday season or any other time of year – ease up! Contemporary men have the freedom to have as much or as little hair as they like. If your guy thinks he needs to meticulously groom his eyebrows and go to great lengths to remove body hair, it’s a waste of time as far as current men’s styles are concerned. Not only is it natural for men to have thick eyebrows and body hair, it’s also now completely acceptable. The same is true for hairstyles and facial hair – it’s an “anything goes” time we live in. Men should take advantage of it and wear whatever they (and the women in their lives) think they look best in.
  • Body talc and cologne: An essential part of looking his best involves smelling his best. Men’s body talc is a wonderful way for him to do just that, not to mention a terrific way for him to feel dry and comfortable after a shower. Help him to choose a body talc in an aroma you both like, then ask him to layer it with a men’s cologne in a complementary scent.
  • Review his current wardrobe: Why wait until spring to clean the closets? This is an excellent  time of year for both of you to go through your wardrobes and get rid of clothes that don’t fit, are a bit too worn or look a little too much like you bought them in the 1980s. Help your guy sift through his existing clothes and donate anything he hasn’t worn for the past year or more. A great modern wardrobe for a man consists of several classic basics – such as a nice casual blazer, white dress shirts, a v-neck sweater, jeans and a good pair of loafers – spiced up with snazzy accessories and jewelry for men. Once you’ve separated the unwanted clothes, donate them to a local charity so other folks who are in need can benefit.
  • Add a few accessories: Now that his wardrobe is cleaned out, look for some sizzling men’s accessories that he can wear to those upcoming holiday parties. Brightly colored scarves, for example, are all the rage now in men’s fashions.  Help him look for one good quality contemporary belt that will coordinate with everything. Find silk handkerchiefs in colors that will coordinate nicely when tucked into the breast pocket of his favorite blazer.

It’s easy to help him look his best this holiday season, and it can be fun for both of you to work on it together. Start with designer rings for men, then work on grooming, accessories and cleaning up his wardrobe. Before you know it, you’ll be on the arm of the best-looking guy in the room at your next holiday party!

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