The 7 Most Popular iPhone Apps For Girls

In a world full of fashion conscious people, girls cannot afford to stay back. And what can assist them better in the case of fashion other than best friends and cool mobile phone applications?

With the advancement in the field of technology that the world is witnessing, iPhone is the phone to have. Technology is considered like walking, as it comes naturally when you are young and vibrant. A phone is a girl’s best friend. It’s important to have a phone consisting of all the rightful apps more than having her best friend around. It’s not only entertaining, but also relaxing and who would like to reject an opportunity like that? It’s a single device which can fulfill all your wishes at the same time. Starting from socializing, playing games, official mailing, photo editing apps using the innumerous trendy apps to what not, the world of applications has it all. Concluding from a survey which I undertook weeks back from several girls of varied age groups, this is what I came up with.

  1. WhoWhatWear
  2. Who does not love to stay in vogue? A girl can never go wrong with this awesome app. It has gained immense popularity since the time it was launched among girls of all age groups who are fashion- savvy. It provides a collection of trend- reports which are majorly magazine-based and totally celebrity inspired followed by free shopping suggestions and fashion show runaway trends.

    This fabulous app gives every girl the opportunity to stay fab in their own fine way.  It serves as a tough competition to the other popular fashion based  apps like Vogue stylist and the ChicFeed. Bring out the Fashionista among you and live in style each day with this trendy app.

  3. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret
  4. It’s really impossible to keep a track on the nutritional values of all your daily intakes, which this fun app does pretty smoothly. It acts like a weight watchers Wikipedia and maintain a diet calendar and the amount of calorie intake per day on your behalf.

    Dieting doesn’t suggest total starving. But having the proper quantity of food at regular intervals can help you lose weight. Along with that, this is also a great app for all the foodies as there are a bunch of recipes available in this app and which can also serve as a healthy yet delicious way of loosing ample amount of weight.

  5. Fruit Ninja
  6. Who thought previously, that cutting fruits can be this much fun and addictive? Whether you are able to actually slice fruits in real life or not, you can win it in this virtual world slicing game.

    If  the brilliant interface fails to impress you, then the stats won’t. Till date, over 10 million fruit ninja copies have been sold and honestly, it can be well understood that people seem to love it, especially the girls.

    At the end of the day, taking out all the wrath and frustration on slicing away the fruits and vegetable that easily in a single stroke, without slicing away one’s actual fingers can seem like the best time pass ever.

  7. Instagram
  8. This app has practically won countless hearts and girls can remain hooked to this app explicitly for a longer span of time. It makes total transformation of a snap possible, and changes the whole look and feel of the picture itself.

    This app has gained enormous popularity among all, mainly due to its smooth usage procedure and time saving quotient. And the coolest part of all is that this fun- filled app comes all free and serves as a perfect companion for all the ‘photography-keen’ lot.

  9. Pose
  10.  As you can assume from the name itself, this is totally a girly app and an all time favorite among girls. It works wonders, even if you are shopping alone, all of your girlfriends will be right by your side.

    Shopping together is more fun because it includes free suggestions and comments and reviews from all the near ones, which this app can easily suffice, even if they are physically absent.

    The only labor that you go through is to take a photo of yourself wearing the item you want to purchase while shopping and upload it and get honest reviews within no time from your closest buddies. Sounds fun, right? Download it right away! This app helps all the girl friends stick together, even being miles apart from each other.

  11. Official gossip girl
  12. Being one of the most loved chick teen show, Gossip girl has gained great admiration among the youngsters. If you wish to indulge yourself into some great peppery gossiping about ‘gossip girls’ with your friends, then this app is definitely for you to explore.

  13. CW City Wise
  14. This app consists of previews of all the shows which comes on the CW, like Vampire Diaries and not only Gossip Girls. If you like this iPhone app, it may turn out to be your new obsession.

Hope this article serves the purpose and you get to savor the apps, which have already been sorted out for good, among the myriads of apps available.

Author Bio: Sam Martin is a professional mobile app developer, whose main expertise lies in the field of application development. He is attached with GetAProgrammer, a leading IT company. Find more about this company at GetAProgrammer’s Facebook profile.

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