Just when we thought gaming couldn’t get any serious, it actually did!

Esports is gaining so much popularity that everyone wants to take their shot at it. Being tagged as a pro gamer is pretty much at par to becoming a professional sports player, in an Esports kind of sense.

If you really want to become one of the pro gamers out there, there are many things that you will need to know and understand to become a pro gamer. This article will list down seven essential tips for you to achieve that goal.

  1. Innate Talent
  2. This has been a discussion in many forums whether or not you need a certain kind of gift to become a pro gamer. Well, research studies might be in the progress of discovering facts that would explain why there are people who we deem to be masters in this field. But when I say innate talent, it simply means you’re naturally good at it.

    Sports prodigy such as Michael Phelps and Andy Murray are all prodigies in swimming and tennis, respectively. Other than constant training and practice, they are good at it becomes they understand the game unlike their competitors. Good thing you will be able to assess if the game suits you or not through the success, and perhaps the level you place amongst the gaming community.

  3. Utmost Determination
  4. I tell you, to become a pro gamer doesn’t happen overnight or a week, or perhaps a month or so. Accept the fact that it takes a long time to achieve the goal you’re aiming. When I say long time, it means several months to a couple of years. That’s how long it would take you to become unless your brain is already programmed to become a pro gamer from the day you were born then great.

    Never get discouraged if for about six months of intense practicing you haven’t been listed as one of the top gamers because that is a delusion. Always set your mind to thinking that you will get there in time. Stay determined and focused because the world will tell you that you’re meant to be there and certainly, you will be.

  5. Eagerness to Practice
  6. Perhaps what you have in mind right now is that this one shouldn’t be included in the list anymore because everyone obviously does this. However, mere practice and eagerness to practice is totally different.

    If you are dead serious into gaming, then you to practice six or more hours every day. You heard me right, six or more hours depending on how eager you want to learn more and be great at it. Top tier gamers do have a tight scheduling practices alone or together with their team. That is how mind-blowing professional gaming is right now.

  7. Play With The Best
  8. Yes, you practice six, seven, eight or twelve hours daily because you are so determined to become pro, but you are playing against gamers who are just of the same level as you then it’s not good. In order to become the best, you have to play with best because there is no way you can improve your skill if you are just beating against run-of-the-mill players. That’s a rule of the thumb in pro gaming.

  9. Consistency is The Key
  10. Professional gaming is usually participated with a team depending on what type of game you are playing. To rise to the top, each and every one of you in the team should play the card of consistency. You need to be consistent or better yet surpass your current status. You don’t want to be just a tag-along with your team’s victory, do you? Prove to everybody that you are good and try your best to increase your ranks because that’s objectively one way to know if you’re getting good or just stuck in your level.

  11. Learn New Techniques
  12. Changes also happen in the world of pro gaming because of the pursuit to deliver the best gaming experience to people. You need to flow with changes and play with a new style and techniques to level with the competition. It’s a tough competition out there and you need to be one or two steps ahead of everybody because if not, you will surely be ran over with your competitors and that is not good.

  13. The Right Attitude
  14. You might think attitude is not important, but what you need to understand in every game there’s a chance that you will lose. The chance of winning a game is the same as losing because no matter how you predict a game, there’s always a little of margin of error that can make you lose a game. All pro gamers have been in this situation before and they will surely tell you to manage your rage in gaming. Others may consider trash talking fun, but it is not. It will just affect on how you play the game and will create the impression that you’re a war-freak douche.

    Perhaps one of the secret of becoming a successful pro gamer is to love the game and have fun while doing it. Getting pissed and angry won’t do you any good. Try to loosen your nerves by playing cutting the rope game, by visiting their website at http://www.cuttheropegame.net.

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