Even if you haven’t done it before, it is very to learn how to create a flyer. Thanks to computers and the Internet, all the materials you need to make one can be found at home. As long as you have basic computing skills, it won’t take long to make a flyer that you can use for business or promotion.

How to Make a Flyer

First of all you need a piece of paper, a computer, printer, a graphics design program and an internet connection or a CD full of clipart. Just open your graphics program (CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator are good examples, but there are many others).
Chose from one of those programs and then go to their templates or wizards.

There you will see calendars, flyers, resumes etc. All you have to do now is to pick the flyer option. One of two things will happen. One is that the template will be opened, which and you can use that as a starting off point. Just add your own graphics, fonts, and other elements. When you’re done, print it out.

If you get a wizard option, you will be walked through the flyer creation step by step. Follow the prompts and when you’re done the flyer will be set, made according to the directions you specified. Even so, you can still change some of the elements to suit your needs. If you’re satisfied with what you’re seeing, print it out. Save the flyer you just made and you can print as many as you need. That’s all there is to it.

Design Pointers

Make sure you choose the right colors for your flyer. Of course you can choose any color you want (pink, white, blue, red etc) but make sure that it is appropriate for the subject and theme of your flyer. At the same time you need to be certain that the colors on your monitor and your printer match so the flyers come out right. If the colors are done right, people will be attracted to it.

Next you must have a catchy headline, something that will draw the attention of people. Unless you can come up with an attention grabber, no one will notice of your flyer. The headline is the only way you can grab people’s attention. The headline should sum up your product or service in powerful but short words. Don’t make the headline long as it will make the flyer less appealing.

More Tips

Next decide if your flyer needs graphics or not. If it does, use it properly and for the sole purpose of promoting your product. If you have a diner opening, the flyer should have a picture of it. You don’t need to stuff your flyer with images, and they have to be strategically placed.

You also need to make sure that the text on your flyer is straight to the point. Tell them what the product is about and why they will benefit from it. Flyers are small and you don’t have space to waste on meaningless words. Your flyer must have all the info about the product consumers need to know.

If you are offering a discount or a sale, then highlight it in your text. While it is easy to learn how to create a flyer, a lot of thought must be given to the design.
Caroline is a free lancer writer of http://www.makeaflyer.net

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