Finding an office space for rent in Hong Kong and in other parts of the world is relatively easy. You look in the ads, visit a few options, and be mesmerized with the features and amenities they have to offer. But what you do not realize is the importance of your space relative to the different aspects of your business. Having an office is really important since it will give an impression to your customers that your company is legitimate and they have a physical address to visit should they want answers for their concerns. What should you do to address concerns such as suitability of your office to your operation?

Here are the ABC’s of searching for Hong Kong office space for rent and elsewhere.

  1. Account your needs. Whether you are looking for an actual office of your own or contemplating any of the serviced offices available in the area, it is vital that you are very much aware of what you are looking for. This is by establishing some parameters such as:
    1. Size Versus Number Of Employees
    2. Address Vs. Accessibility
    3. Flexibility Vs. Permanency Of Tenure
    4. Lease Vs. Space

    These are just example areas of accounting your needs when you want to rent an office.

    renting an office

  2. Budget your way to your office. Before you make a choice after accounting your needs, you should have already established at this point how to pay for an office. There is nothing absolute here. What you can do is take into considerations all the items mention in the terms of conditions of the lease contract. Nope, you do not need to find some loopholes, instead, clarify if there are gray areas of the contract and ask where are the items that you need should you think that one aspect is not covered.
  3. Choose an agent. If you find it difficult to find an appropriate office space for rent based on your budget and requirements, you might consider finding an agent to do it for you. Some of the benefits that you can gain from them are: they have first hand information about real estate matters in the area, they have the right skills to negotiate, and they have informal connections (the ones that you won’t find in the ads.)
    renting an office
  4. Decide what features and amenities you need. Should you decide to limit your choices when you are looking for an office space for rent in Hong Kong or any locations, take time to spend checking on items that you most frequently need such as phone, Internet connection, and copiers. Also, decide on favoured amenities such as lounge area, meeting and conference room, parking, and security matters.
  5. Problems on choosing an appropriate office space for rent in Hong Kong can easily be resolved if you know your needs and the steps involved. Business has little room for trial and error. Money and opportunity lost is always involved when you commit mistakes. Therefore, be sure to do it right the first time when you want to rent an office.