Amazing Apps that Simulate Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is generally elective, which means before the surgery occurs there is a decision that needs to take place. This decision is rarely easy, as it involves not only a substantial investment of time and money, but there is the risk of the surgery yielding less than desirable results.

At one time, cosmetic surgery clients and surgeons had very little predictive ability when it came to results, since they to rely on relatively primitive technology. Even as technology evolved, only the best funded facilities could afford accurate computer simulations. These days, all you need is a smartphone or tablet to get surprisingly accurate renderings of their own plastic surgery results assuming you use one of these cosmetic surgery simulation apps.

Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite

With this app for iPhone or iPad you do not even need to lay out the $1.99 required to purchase the full version before getting a visual simulation of your plastic surgery results. Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite is designed for intuitive use on small screens, which has earned the app millions of users, and according to the official descriptions cosmetic surgeons use the app as well.

The concept is simple: the controls allow you to manipulate a photo on your device to simulate common surgeries such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, face contouring and more. This app’s controls allow for easy photo manipulation as well as near effortless comparison of potential “before” and “after” photos. When you are not using Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite for visualizing cosmetic surgery results, this program is also a lot of fun for just manipulating photos and seeing what outlandish results you can get. This app can make you look like a rock star, if only for a fleeting moment.

Face Warp – Plastic Surgery

When trying to simulate cosmetic surgery results with most consumer-level photo editing programs, it is difficult to create the nuances that can make a world of difference with this type of procedure. This popular app for Android devices focuses on the face and the myriad possibilities for cosmetic surgery in this area. Face Warp – Plastic Surgery will detect the face in your chosen photo and allow countless options for surgery simulation through preset templates or manual manipulation. All the major facial features, from eyes to eyebrows to mouth to nose, are easily transformed in countless ways through this app’s interface. Morphing the entire face or a number of specific “face points” is also possible.


Lift/Tuck for iOS enables users to simulate the gamut of cosmetic surgery procedures from common nose and chin procedures to tummy tucks to poplar lower body surgeries. Even a cursory look at the Lift/Tuck interface makes it clear that this app is in a class by itself when it comes to graphics, design and detail. Lift/Tuck gives you the option to use a photo stored on your device or to take a new photo just for cosmetic surgery simulation purposes you can even use a sample photo to familiarize yourself with the interface. If you like your virtual results you can share photos through email or Facebook.


If you are sitting at your computer, and you do not want to take the time and effort it takes to download and install an app onto your mobile device, LiftMagic gives you the power to simulate various facial cosmetic procedures right in your web browser — with the added bonus of full size graphics on your computer monitor. After uploading a photo to the website, you can use sliders to rapidly mimic the effects of treatments such as forehead lift, facial wrinkle reduction, eyelid fold enhancement and various injectibles. Without even uploading a photo you can try out the sliders on the website’s sample photo to get an idea of how easy to use yet customizable the LiftMagic simulation controls are.


ModYourBod for iOS does come with the increasingly common capacity for simulating plastic surgery on photos you upload or take with your device with intuitive slider controls, but in this case the selection of anatomical areas and surgery procedures available for simulated surgery is wider than usual. ModYourBod also has an abundance of cosmetic surgery results pictures, and the option to upload your own photos.

This list was compiled by the blogging team at Dr. Simon Weight’s practice. They run a breast clinic and cosmetic surgery business in Perth, Western Australia.

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