An Overview of the Chevrolet Beat

Major highlights of the car are:

  • Good ride
  • Most inexpensive diesel hatchback
  • LT features
  • Quality performance
  • Excellent (Diesel) in class mileage
  • Futuristic and great looks
  • Tight and sturdy rear seat
  • Offers value for money
  • Extremely agile and flexible for city use
  • Good Boot space

The futuristic looks and features of Beat have made it a leading GM model in India. The car was initially launched in the year, 2010. After the very launch of beats, the standard of hatchbacks witnessed a great growth, mainly because of the rich looks and revolutionary interiors of this car. In South Korea, at the GM-Daewoo designing studio, Boffins designed beat; and it sold under the name ‘Chevrolet Spark’ in the US and costs around 12,170 $. The fascinating looks and avant-garde features of the car, makes Beat a must-buy and very attention-grabbing model, ever launched by Chevrolet. The very first thing that occupies your mind is the stocky grille that pompous the bow-tie (Chevrolet) and the extra-large front. The car has an extremely dynamic posture. To give a look of 2 doors, the engineers have disguised the handles of the rear door within the C pillars.

The interiors of the car have been darted with piano trim (black) and twin soothing design looks incredible. The superbike enthused console device looks perfect and the interiors are plausibly pleasing. The dart is perfect for higher section car. The Chevrolet Beat is designed with contoured seats that proffer perfect side support, overall the seats might not be deep enough to offer luxurious support, yet, it offers a decent seating posture. The Beat by Chevrolet is available in two types of engines, a diesel and a petrol engine.

The petrol engine of the Beats offers a mileage of around 14 to 15 KMPL in towns. But, the people going for Beats with a Diesel engine are always on the favorable side, as the diesel engine of Beats offers a great mileage of over 25 KMPL. This mileage is extraordinary and minimizes the expenses by long shots. Hence, Beat Diesel is a great and a very lucrative investment especially, for the common people. With this, we can say that the difference between the prices of diesel and petrol gets quashed by the diesel’s economy.

On highways, the diesel engine is a bit straining but they are still reasonably fast and speedy. Overall, diesel is a choice for thrifty people and petrol engine is much better at performance but it’s an additional burden of our pockets. Beats also comes with LPG plus engines. Beats indeed offers the best and superior quality ride. The overall handling of the car becomes much more accessible, due to its superlative ride quality. Beat is a glee to move through the crammed traffic areas. Beat is featured with sharp corners. The price at which you can bring Beat home, ranges from 3.7 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs, now available at all showrooms. The soothing comfort, extravagant safety, attractive looks and efficient engine, lucrative mileage and futuristic interiors, makes at a great option for people from all walks of life!

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