Why anarkali dresses are here to stay

When it comes to fashion, some trends are fleeting. They become insanely popular for a short period of time and then they fly off into oblivion and no one hears of them again. Then there are some fashion trends that start off as a current hype, but pretty soon turn into something classic and ongoing. These fashion staples go from pieces being owned by a few to something everyone ends up owning after a while.

The same logic holds true for people as well. There are fashion victims that change their style and experiment a lot with their look. They will probably have no attachment to their hair and will chop off their locks in a minute to get a pixie cut. These people steer clear from signature looks and staple style. Then there are people who stick to a certain look and create a whole trend around it. They will be known for their signature haircut, choice of clothes and even their signature scent.

Anarkali dresses may be a trend recycled from another era. But today after more than eight years since it came back, it still rocks runways, designer stores, small boutiques, tailor shops and almost all e-commerce portals selling traditional Indian outfits. It is a trend that is worn by almost every girl or woman who wants to look stylish in ethnic Indian wear. It can be a simple dress with few details for a small pooja, or a gorgeous heavy work, super flared ensemble, which can be worn for a family wedding or sangeet.

Anarkali dresses are just too versatile to not become an ever-present trend. They look good on almost all body types. Whether you are a tall girl, a curvy girl, a petite girl or a skinny girl, you can definitely find a style in anarkali dresses, which will suit you and look fabulous on you. Everyone from pear shaped women to apple shaped girls and those with an androgynous body type can wear an anarkali that will fit like a dream.

Other than its versatility, it is a very forgiving trend, unlike some other trends. Depending on how it is designed and styled, ladies can doll up in anarkali dresses and look very classy or very sexy with an open back and a slightly plunging neckline.

Another plus point is that even though it looks pretty high maintenance, it is still a very breezy outfit. You can dine in it, dance in it, perform a religious ceremony in it and still look poised and graceful without being uncomfortable. When it comes to wearing clothes with heavy work, most girls often complain about being uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the evening because of their outfit.

With anarkali dresses, the emphasis is always on the kurta. The way the neckline is designed, the amount of intricate work in the neck and sleeves, the volume of flare it has and most of all, all the extravagant work in the bottom border area. The top definitely remains the hero and the dupatta ties in the other elements to make the entire outfit look dainty and feminine. And who doesn’t want to look dainty and feminine?

Just the way a fashionista’s closet is incomplete in the absence of the perfect little black dress and a gorgeous pair of skinny jeans, an Indian fashion forward gal’s wardrobe needs at least one anarkali outfit to put her on the Indian fashion radar. How she creates a distinguishing look and stands out in a crowd, is totally up to her. But the right outfit is a great start.

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