Writers are a bunch of busy people. Some people may think that they just sit and think. Thinking can be very tiring and writers do not usually have inspiration whenever they need it. There are times when they get burned out and it can be pretty stressful too especially if there is a deadline to beat. Thankfully, there are some applications that are perfect for writers.


This application allows you to save your files and researches. You can save any type of file using this application. You can store your text documents, web pages, photos, audio files, videos, just about any imaginable file format. The best thing about it is that you can synchronize the contents and your accounts so you can access all these files in a single place using any computing device. It definitely makes file-keeping, organizing, and access hassle-free. It is also a word processor that is perfect for writers. Writers can start writing wherever they are and whenever inspiration strikes.


This application is perfect for those who are just learning to write poetry or for those who want to learn how to write a more structured one. It will guide you in writing structured or measured poetry just in case you want to have a different approach other than freestyle poems. It also comes in handy when you cannot seem to find a rhyming word for a line that you have written. It provides great opportunity for exploring and expanding your vocabulary. You can easily share your masterpiece once you are done. You can post your poem in Twitter or Facebook.


“Pages” is perhaps the most powerful word processor for mobile devices. This application allows writers to format their texts. The options are visible and changes are applied right away. It leaves nothing of word processing program features. It has a sophisticated and classy look that will inspire writers to match it with a work of art. The writer can also share is or her work through different methods and platforms.


When you are running out of ideas and it seems that everything is too ordinary for you to write about, you can check for ideas from this application. Brainstormer has a wheel that gives you random combinations of words and phrases that will help you come up with a story. For writers who are stuck, it can greatly help. Writers have wild imaginations and can surely come up with something worth writing once inspiration kicks in. This application is functional as it is fun to use.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Perhaps one, if not the greatest dictionary maker in the whole world, Merriam-Webster is now invading mobile devices. This is great news for writers who use too many words that sometimes, forget and inter change words. This is a perfect companion for mobile word processor applications. Although this application may be downloaded for free, it offers a complete dictionary right on your phone. It also comes with limited thesaurus. It would require minimal payment of $3.99 if you want to have the complete thesaurus with it. It would cost you $25 in case you want it to include anagrams and spelling look-up.

Although most writers have an attachment and an inexplicable love for typewriters and ink, they also know when it is time to go with the movements of time. These applications will help them greatly in finding ideas and inspiration, writing, storing, and a lot more. It is important to use technology to their advantage so they can do their work more efficiently and hassle-free. Their skills matched with the best devices and applications will allow them to come up with something extraordinary.