Mothers know best and they see their small infants grow into matured adults and feel a sense of pride As they grow up there are innumerable milestones that the kids cross which are memorable periods for all moms. The first education that the mother gives toddlers is the discipline of keeping things in place. A toddler loves to dump toys all over and is always perceived as a messy enfant terrible. Yet these very toddlers love to put the things back into the containers if they are taught to do it in fun.

Now Make a Game Of Everything

Mothers are wizards when it comes to parenting. They know to have a way with their child and thus there is a fixed pattern between children and parents. When the child is a toddler , the mother has milder ways of ensuring it puts back things in place. Toddlers love it when there is a game involved. You can store the toys separated by type. You could teach your child to put the big ones in the drum, the small ones in the can, the soft ones in the box, and the hard ones in the cartons. Indirectly the baby starts knowing to keep things organized.

Day Care and Kids Education

Kids learn fast and a child care centre is the best way a child could learn the basics. One of the main learning experiences in such centers is the sensory table. The centre is always busy. You could create a similar scene at home so that the child is comfortable and learns to be disciplined fast. Children love to play with uncooked beans, uncooked rice, dry rolled oats, dry noodles etc. Get them to scoop it up, measure them, and teach them good motor skills. These are integral part of educating a child as she grows up.

Games As a part of education

Children are small mischievous souls. They like to be pampered, cuddled, and loved. But this is always not possible in a child care centre. So they have to be taught to do things independently at home. Games are the best ways of ensuring this. A game teaches a child the need to be disciplined and focused. Use games like nesting cups, which help the child to try their math skills. As they decide which cup to into which, the children actually get their brains developed and also get educated to be disciplined as well as organized.

Educations Begins At Home

Kid’s education is entirely dependent on a learning process, which could be achieved even at home, similar to a day care. Start the education of kids in a simple and easy manner and allow the child to bloom in an atmosphere of intellectual thinking and an educational approach.

Author bio: Ellena is a young mother who love spending time with her two year boy named Frank. She believes in giving her child the best she can and has enrolled in a mother toddler program that helps the kids in providing a good care.

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