Ben 10 has been a great hit for Cartoon Network since it was piloted way back in 2005. The animated series has grown more and more popular and has now made it through three series with a fourth due to be shown soon. The adventures and action packed episodes bring great entertainment to kids wide and far and it’s no wonder the Ben 10 free games are also really popular.

It all started back when Ben was 10 years old and travelling on a summer vacation with his grandfather, Max, and his cousin, Gwen. The animated superhero face’s battles against the evil aliens in the universe and defeats the supernatural on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that a 10 year old Ben Tennyson shouldn’t do this alone and it was the trip that made his life change forever. Whilst travelling in his grandfather’s van, Ben came across an awesome watch-like device called the Omnitrix. He didn’t know what this was at the time, but once he found it, it attached itself to his wrist.

The Ben 10 free games allow everyone to be a part of the amazing adventure and give a real insight into what life is really like as Ben 10. Once he entered this amazing new world, he realised that the device was originally intended for his Grandpa! The device attached to Ben’s wrist had done so because his DNA was similar to his grandfathers.

During the series, and throughout Ben 10 free games, Ben is faced with exciting battles and finds a helpful ally in his cousin, Gwen. She is the clever, straight minded person that Ben needs to keep him on the right track and has her own powers to boast about too. She comes from a line holding the magical gene and has the ability to cast spells and understand spell books. She is very much the sensible one and it takes her time to realise these powers she has. Whilst she is learning, she is the one Ben can depend on to research the evil ones they are up against and play her part with a few awesome martial-arts moves.

Ben 10 is a thrilling adventure all the way through. The experiences that he and Gwen endure are exciting and Ben 10 free games give everyone the opportunity to enter the amazing supernatural world for themselves. There are loads of games online, and now you can even download an app from the App store to watch your favourite clips and play the best games at the same time! Any gamer will be able to find a game that will suit them and keep them entertained for a long time whilst the find themselves in the shoes of the superhero.

You can choose from action packed adventure games and battle aliens across the universe, or opt for the slower pace in the form of a classic card game combined with your favourite hero! The choices are really great and there are loads of new additions coming to the collection all the time to keep every fan entertained.