Best of Android Apps So Far: What can you get without spending a buck?

Free one of the most powerful words that would sway you towards an application that you’re remotely interested in, or have no use for whatsoever. The mobile app market, whether it’s Google Play store or Apple’s App Store, is just like the real-world marketplace: if it’s cheap and decent, it will be bought. If it’s free, no matter what it is, it will be downloaded. But not all that’s free is worth your time, so even when you’re shopping with no money, you should also be mindful of what you download, and make sure that you’ll benefit from it afterwards. So here’s a list of the best free applications that you can find in the Google Play store today. Download it, give it a spin, and decide if it’s worth keeping for a day or for a lifetime.

Google Maps

There’s nothing that says free AND useful than Google’s very own navigation app, the Google Maps. This is a must-get app for any phone or tablet, because this is literally your guide to the world. This map gives you accurate turn-by-turn navigation, a fact that even iOS users can attest to. Route calculations are done right then and there, so you get to see exactly how far you are from your destination and how long it would take you to get there.

Kongregate Arcade

Tired of searching through the app market for a good time waster of a game? Then you should try Kongreate Arcade, a gaming portal that lets you play Flash-based games on your phone without the hassle. With just one app, you’ll have access to hundreds of games that would run flawlessly, thanks to Android’s Flash Player. You don’t even need to have bigger space in your phone’s storage to run all these games, all you need to install is the Kongregate Arcade app and you’re good to go!


Looking for the ultimate time waster? Well, look no further with the Flipboard RSS reader. But it’s not the boring RSS reader that you have in mind: it looks hip and fresh, and is designed with the young readers in mind. Imagine Tumblr meets Twitter meets Buzzfeed; with short snippets of texts and links, you’re guaranteed to waste hours just going through whatever is posted online, including social networks and content aggregators. It’s aptly named because you’ll find yourself flipping through the content endlessly; you won’t even realize that your shift is over.

Trailer Addict

If you are looking for the next big thing hit the local cinemas, you might want to check them out first on Trailer Addict. This app, as the name suggests, is for someone who’s very fond of watching movie trailers, no matter how cheesy or campy the movie would be. Watch a couple of minutes of the upcoming superhero film, and judge if it’s worth your money or not. Or, watch a trailer of an old film you’ve missed, and just read a summary somewhere online. Money well spent.


If you love to organize (or if your compulsive side is bugging you to take note of something or else you’ll forget it once you get home) then this app is for you. No, it won’t fold your clothes or keep your workplace in check, but it will allow you to take care of the online mess that you make every day. Evernote gives you a place to keep your text notes, memos, voice recordings, and other files. It also allows you to sync all these throughout your other devices, including your tablet or your desktop computer. If you need to remind yourself to prepare for a business VoIP call with your superiors every week, or replenish your fridge during certain dates, you’ll be able to do so even if you are using two or three different devices.

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