If you are planning to go to US then California is the best and cheap place to make your tip an enthralling one. One you have planned to visit California, make sure have considered everything including your baggage, taxes, fees and other surcharges. People usually look for the cheap flights and cheap hotels.  To enjoy cheap holidays, they take everything into account to lead a more budgeted vacation that has been originally planned.

California is worth visiting. It is the third largest state in the United States of America. Places such as theme parks, national parks and wonders of nature with historical significance will be counted while you roam.  The paces in California are must diverse and there are plenty of tourist destinations with different nationalities of people, geography and weather. In this article we are going to discuss about the different tourist spots which most interesting places to visit

San Francisco: San Francisco is the place where you will leave your heart forever. This is the place with much to see and do. Go under the Golden gate bridge with car. There are many car rental companies who provide you with the safest drive all over the country. With car rental services, you can explore all the areas in San Francisco and in fact whole California. Places like China town, Pier 39 with viewing and resident seals can frequently be visited with car rental services.

Hollywood: Hollywood is the place for those people who like to watch films and TV programs. While you visit these places, films and TV sets are on agenda which you will find at the museum of entertainment. You can have the autographs of side walk stars but make sure you have the guide to tell you where the stars are located.

Big Bear: The famous lake called big bear found in San Bernardino National forest can be reached within two hours if you drive across Los Angeles. The activities such as snow sports, sailing, water, skiing and sky diving are the best activities to do in such an awesome weather and clear mountain air. You can bring your own boats or they are available for hiring. Picnic spots are the areas that are easily available. There are facilities for many ball sports including tennis and volleyball.

Napa Valley: If you are wine lover then Napa Valley is the best place for you. This is the place where you can buy your favorite wines. This valley includes breathtaking scenery with wine yards where grapes being grown and wine is made and if you are more interested to visit the space from above then hot air balloon in the must to visit place.

Redondo Beach: After Los Angeles, Redondo Beach comes where you can reach by 30 minutes maximum and there are plenty of scenes to visit like fishing here is an excellent task to do with angling stores for bait to tackle. Night clubs and dance bars are also available there to enjoy beautiful nights and wildlife watching make your trip even more interesting.

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