Bothered by Nuisance Calls? Shield Yourself with These Simple Steps

We all know that one of the prime marketing strategies of many companies today is to make sales calls. These marketing calls can be straightforward sales pitches, or they can come as ‘silent’ calls with an automated message. Whilst we don’t blame companies for wanting to make a bit of a profit, it doesn’t mean that we have to suffer through these types of calls and just try to be as patient as we can be. As a consumer, you have every right to complain or to stop these calls, especially if they have become a real bother in your everyday life.

How your telephone provider can help you

Your telephone provider can help you in different ways. Simply give them a ring and tell them about your problem, and they should be able to give you concrete advice and instructions on how to stop nuisance calls. Some of them include:

The caller display feature

One of the most common methods of stopping nuisance calls is to opt for a call display feature. With this option, you will be able to see right away who is calling you and make the decision not to answer if you do not know the number that is calling.

Rejecting anonymous calls

There is also another feature that you can opt for from your telephone provider, and this is the rejection of calls from anonymous numbers. This feature simply prevents you from receiving phone calls from withheld numbers.

The caller return feature

This type of feature allows you to see the number of the last person to give you a ring. You can simply dial 1471 and find out who called you. But it is important to note that anyone wanting their number to be withheld can also have the option to dial 141 before they make the call, and if they do this, then you might not be able to see who called. However, when dealing with a nuisance call, you also have the option to contact the telephone provider who can still trace the number, even if they dialed 141.

Your other options

Unsubscribing or signing up for TPS

If you are still the victim of numerous sales calls, another thing you can do is to simply write the company and tell them to take you off their calling list. If this does not work, you can also register with a TPS, or telephone preference service. If you are on a TPS, your number will be included on a list which does not allow some companies to call you. However, this does not work for all companies, and it can be as long as 28 days before your request is processed.

Call blocking

Call blocking is another effective way of dealing with nuisance phone calls. You can try to block some numbers from calling you by installing a call blocker. When choosing a call blocker, however, make sure that it is effective and has the ability to learn important numbers, so you do not accidentally block calls from friends or family. There are also call blockers nowadays which can record illegal marketing calls, and which can even interrogate callers with withheld numbers. If you want to get more information about effective call blocking devices, click here.  

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