Cameras capturing life: Two new concept cameras to hit the market

The online world has increasingly become addicted to taking pictures of everyday life and events and posting them online for the world to see. This photo sharing revolution has created such trends in electronic photography that sites and apps like Instagram have become so huge. Even social media giant Facebook feels a little threatened at the exodus of so many of their teen demographic.

Human beings are a very visual species. In the online world, everything from email to fax platforms, social networking sites, and blogs now have the feature to add photos and images. Very recently, two concept cameras were created to add a new twist to capturing images for others to share and enjoy.

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera

Instagram, as said earlier, is currently a hugely marketable social site popular with teens. Initially introduced as a smartphone and tablet app that enables its users to add filters and other tweaks to their photos, Instagram has ballooned to a photo-sharing/tweeting combination service that has millions of users uploading their photographs enhanced by retro filters.

As the entire point of the app’s filters is to give everyone that "Polaroid" or vintage camera feel, why not have an actual, Instagram-dedicated camera? This was what Socialmatic aimed to do when it began developing what was teased a few months ago as the Socialmatic camera. Looking rather exactly like a thick, life-size version of the Instagram app icon except with a black body, the camera will not only take pictures with an LED flash, but will also have a 16GB internal memory, Bluetooth and WiFi capability. It will not only allow you to instantly share photos, but also print them out instantly. As of this writing, the Socialmatic concept has been picked up by and will be branded by Polaroid itself. It is expected to be released by 2014.

The Memoto Life Camera

Have you ever seen that Robin William’s movie The Final Cut where Williams’ job is to edit the videos taken by a camera implanted in a person to record his entire life? That is what the Memoto Life Camera seems to emulate. Small, unobstrusive, and apparently impossible to switch off, this camera is predesigned to be worn and takes a still 5 megapixel photo once every 30 seconds. It uploads automatically to a cloud-based life log, has 8GB of internal storage, and a battery that lasts two days at a time.

It’s not the most sophisticated of cameras, but its aim is to make a stop motion video of what seems to be the little things in the everyday world and put them together to show what is actually the most precious moments of your life. Since we apparently spend so much time taking photos of the things around us, why not have a camera that does that on its own for us?

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