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Genie Timeline Review

If you are facing problem to protect your files which you have stored in your pc and worry about to secure that so you should use Genie Timeline Software. This software Genie Timeline Software makes your life easy in the case of protect all of you files where they are stored like on your pc, external drive or any network drives. Genie Timeline Software works on all files automatically whether they are new or modified files without any meditation. This is easy to use not a complex application you can handle this in a simple way. Below you can get help how to use Genie Timeline software?

Why Genie Timeline

Easy protection for all your files

This software will configure your backup in simple three steps and you are done. This will scan all your files from selected locations, also will monitor new files and modified files and will take the backup of them.

Go back in Time

Using the Timeline you can get history of the backup files and can restore your files at any specific point of time.

Secure military-grade protection

256-AES is most secure encryption algorithm. Genie Timeline is securing your backup using this algorithm.

Recover deleted files

By mistake you have removed your files don’t worry about that. You can get version history  and recover your deleted files with right click.

Track your backup wherever you go

Genie Timeline mobile app gives you live stats of your backup. You get live feedback of your data anywhere or get notifications in your email box about stats of your backup

Access your backed up files without the need for the software

Genie Timeline takes  backup without compression so you can view your backed up files in their native form from any computer.

Control your backup

Genie Timeline offers advanced settings to ensure that power users have all they need in a simple, easy to use product. You can control when your backup runs or leave it to Genie’s IntelliCDP, power down your computer after backup, and much more.

Recover your computer at any point of time

Use disaster recovery to keep your entire system safe from virus attacks, computer crashes, and more.

Powerful yet simple

Install, configure to your preference, and you’re done!

  • 3 step configuration
  • Automatic purge to save space
  • Protection level to indicate the health of the backup
  • Timeline view to recover from any point in time

Backs up all your important data

It searches for your files in your computer, external and network drives so you don’t have to

  • Backs up your documents, pictures , music, videos and more
  • Backs up new and modified files; detects changes
  • keeps versions to recover older or deleted files
  • Protects mobile data synced to your computer
  • View your backup in its native or encrypted form
  • Backs up external, network or any storage attached to your PC


Keep your backup safe with military-level encryption

  • Backs up encrypted drives
  • Encrypts backup with 256-AES encryption
  • Encrypts backed up filenames

On the go

Your backup monitor anytime anywhere!

  • iPhone/ iPad app to keep track of your backup health
  • Email notifications and alerts sent directly to your Inbox

Fast and lightweight

No slowdowns or alerts to interrupt while playing games, movies, or displaying presentations.

  • Saves space and time with machine level deduplication
  • Doesn’t take resources
  • Turbo mode when computer is idle
  • Power saving and performance modes


No intervention required; it will run without you ever noticing

  • Set it and forget it
  • Runs when you need it to
  • Automatic resume after pauses or disconnections

Merges with Windows

Context menu options and a Timeline Explorer integrated in Windows

  • Add/remove files from backup
  • Recover deleted files
  • View versions of files in a Timeline
  • Icon markers to show what files and folders are backed up

Seamless System Recovery

Protect your computer from hardware failures, crashes and viruses with Disaster Recovery

  • Automatic system backup without any intervention
  • Restore your system to any recovery point
  • Step-by-step wizard for easy recovery
  • System startup options

Genie Timeline for Business

Whether you’re running a home-office or an enterprise, Genie Timeline offers effortless and seamless protection for all your needs.

  • To backup your desktop computers, laptops, notebooks install Genie Timeline Pro on them.
  • To backup all your file servers, install Genie Timeline Server on them.

More efficient use of resources

Genie Timeline uses machine-level de-duplication and checks if an identical file has already been backed up. Backups are faster and your data storage investment is smaller. Smart mode intelligently adjusts resource usage based on PC activity.


You have the option to encrypt your backup with military-grade encryption so no one can steal your business’ secrets.

Works on everything

Desktops, Laptops, Windows Servers, and can backup external drives, NAS, SANs or any network locations… Literally everything with one product.

HIPAA and other compliance

Genie Timeline complies with the rules and regulations in safely processing and securing data.

Super fast and lightweight

Very fast and will not slowdown your Sever or network speed.

Multiple Performance modes

Turbo mode runs backups at full speed, battery mode saves energy while running on batteries, and presentation mode pauses backup and suppresses notifications while displaying presentations.

Email notifications

Track the status of backups by receiving email notifications directly to your inbox.

Mobile apps

Monitor the backup progress on the go with Genie Timeline iPhone/iPad App.

Easy deployment (Min 10 Licenses)

Genie Timeline integrates with Active directory for fast and easy deployment. No user intervention required for setup and configuration changes are automatically updated at the client’s side.

Recover your computers from disasters

Genie Timeline offers Disaster Recovery which can recover all data, programs and operating system in case of viruses, crashes or any other failures.

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Genie Backup Manager Review

If you are finding back solution then you must go for Genie Backup Manager Pro. Genie Backup Manager Pro is the best and ideal solution for data backup. Small and large scale industries who are looking for best backup solution, Genie Backup Manager pro is the perfect solution for them.

Powerful and Robust

Features that offer flexible backup

  • Four backup types; Full, incremental, differential, and mirror
  • Basic and advanced scheduler
  • Backup to virtually any media; Local, external, FTP/FTPS, Amazon S3, Network, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray
  • Auto rotate backup types
  • Pre-and-Post backup commands
  • Multi-drive spanning

Backs up all your important data

Backup from My Profile, My Folders, and My Plugins for full protection

  • Backs up your documents, pictures , music, videos and more
  • Protects your entire system via Disaster Recovery
  • Backs up open and locked files
  • File Filtering to add or exclude specific files by date or type
  • Backs up external, network or any storage attached to your PC

Seamless System Recovery

Protect your computer from hardware failures, crashes and viruses with Disaster Recovery

  • Backs up all system files, program files, user data, and system state
  • Step-by-step restore wizard for easy recovery
  • System startup options

Offsite Backups

Safeguard your data from disasters by backing up to remote locations

  • Backup to the reliable and robust cloud storage; Amazon S3
  • Amazon’s Server Side Encryption (SSE) support
  • FTP/FTPS backup support to store your backups offsite
  • Bandwidth throttling for Amazon S3, FTP and FTPS


Keep your backup safe with military-level encryption

  • Encrypts backup with 128, 192 and 256-AES encryption
  • Supports Zip password protection
  • Backs up encrypted drives

On the go

View and restore your backups without GBM

  • Swift Restore that restores your backup without installing software
  • Backup without compression to view your backup in its native form
  • FTP/FTPS and Amazon S3 backup support to store your backups offsite
  • Email notifications and alerts sent directly to your Inbox

Resource friendly

Fast backups that don’t cause slowdowns

  • Adjust resource use during backup
  • The ability to run scheduled backups while logged off
  • Power saving options after backup completes
  • Battery saving mode for laptops

Runs on your schedule

Run backup jobs manually or via schedule

  • Basic and Advanced Scheduling modes
  • Pause and resume options during backup
  • Postpone backup runs with the snooze button
  • Run backups while logged off
  • Power-down your computer after backup

Save Space

Limit the backup size or set compression to save space

  • Multiple compression levels
  • Purge settings to delete older backups
  • Mirror backups that delete missing files from backup
  • File filtering by date or file types to include or exclude from backup
  • Set how much space the backup uses on each drive

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Why Genie Backup Manager Pro

Powerful and flexible

With 4 backup types, scripting, scheduling, the ability to backup to any device, and more, GBM offers complete flexibility to comply with any backup plan.

Works on everything

Backup to any storage; Local, External, network drives, FTP/FTPS, Amazon S3, CD/DVD/Blu-ray, or any storage attached to your PC. Use Genie Backup Manager Server to backup File Servers, SQL Databases, and Exchange Servers.

Secure military-grade protection

Secure your backup with 3-levels of AES encryption algorithm.

HIPPA and other compliances

GBM facilitates all means to comply with the rules and regulations in safely processing and securing data.

Resource Friendly

Power down your computer after backup, run backups while logged off, and control how much GBM can take from your resources with a few clicks.

Access backups without the need for the software

Use the swift restore option to restore your entire backup on any machine; no installation required, or backup without compression to view and access your backups directly from Windows Explorer.

Full control over your backup procedure

Force a backup to run at any time, suppress backups while running on batteries, and schedule backups to run on your schedule.

Recover your entire system in case of disasters

Use disaster recovery to keep your entire system safe from virus attacks, computer crashes, and hardware failures and ensure business continuity.

Track your backup wherever you go

Receive email notifications of your backup status directly to your inbox.


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