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Streamaxia OpenSDK iOS & Android Source Code

Streamaxia OpenSDK 3.0 For iOS and Android App Developers Add HD and semi low-latency live streaming & broadcasting capabilities to your app! Open broadcast – you are free to use any RTMP server and CDN out there. Drag, Drop & Go Live! OpenSDK 3.0 for iOS OpenSDK 3.0 for Android Fast Integration Integrate live video streaming

Age Calculator Android App

This is light weight and free application. This app is easy to use and speed wise very fast to calculate your age and find total years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates, and also it is useful to find date difference between two dates like wedding anniversary, work anniversaries, events, etc…Now

Best Mehndi Designs Android App Forever

Mehndi designs 2018 is a free and useful app to find some beautiful new mehndi designs for Eid and weddings. There is a collection of more than 100 online and offline exclusively selected inspiring designs. Wearing mehndi on Weddings, Eid and other events is an important part of sub continental traditions, and girls love to try

Banks in Pakistan Android App

We are working with many banks closely and now we are trying to provide some information about banks in Pakistan. Here are details of all those Banks which are currently working in Pakistan.  First Women Bank Limited, Khushhali Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, SME Bank Limited, Sindh Bank Limited, The Bank of Khyber, The

Muslim Quranic Names Android App

Muslim Quranic Names App list contains only new islamic names which are directly mentioned in the Quran, meaning that you should be able to open any book of the Quran and find the name in it.Here are thousands of best and unique Islamic names collection. Beautiful design and easy to use.Go to the main screen

Disney Coloring Book for Kids

Disney Coloring Book is free app specially developed for boys, girls and for all ages from smallest to older to fill the color. This coloring book will give a unique opportunity to all kids to show their creativity. You kids will must love this Disney Coloring Book. Disney Coloring Book game will improve creativity in

CodeCanyon – Amazing Android Apps Set 1

Today I was visiting and I selected some apps which are low cost with amazing features. I hope you will must like this selection. Kids Color Book Pro Kidscolorbook helps to make colorful images.This application provides to list of categories and images Also, kids play a small type of game in fill color to