Most Noteworthy Use of Gadget Insurance

With the advent of technology, gadgets have made a place of its own. Gadgets have made a great place in the lives of human being. Right from the smartphones to laptops, every gadget has its own place and importance in their day to day lives. Gadgets comprise of laptops, computer, …

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Microsoft Announces New Surface Tablet Models

On September 23, Microsoft announced two new Surface tablets. The Surface 2 is an update on the Surface RT and the Surface Pro 2 updates the 2012 Surface Pro. Microsoft hopes that these new evolutionary tablets will be vastly more successful than their predecessors.

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Gadgets Every Man Will Enjoy

There are no two ways about this; it’s an open secret that men everywhere are deeply enthralled with technology and all its attendant wonders. It doesn’t have to be something that is completely new since even some old stuff a man hasn’t laid his hands on and experimented with will …

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