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Sudoku Solving Techniques – Video Tutorials

Sudoku is most popular puzzle game online. Many people spend their free time to play this game. Today we are here with some sudoku solving techniques. So if you are stuck anywhere and want to get sudoku tips to solve it then see this video tutorial. Fist of all we will let you know that

The 7 Proven Tips To Achieve Pro Gamer Status

Just when we thought gaming couldn’t get any serious, it actually did! Esports is gaining so much popularity that everyone wants to take their shot at it. Being tagged as a pro gamer is pretty much at par to becoming a professional sports player, in an Esports kind of sense. If you really want to

What We Can Learn About Zangief and the Video Game Industry

Ukraine’s neighbor Russia is a solid place for finding motivation and of course, diversity is something you would expect in the world’s largest country. With a mix of contradicting weather patterns and interesting people, this place has been an inspiration for filmmakers and in fact, well-beloved by video game producers as well. That is why

Keep them distracted: Apps to keep kids occupied

Yes, we’ve all heard the exact same arguments from parenting experts, teachers, and even the government: too much time on video games can’t be good for kids and young people. They are often repeatedly discouraged from spending too much time in the company of games on PCs, consoles, and even handhelds. Schools and organizations everywhere

Various Game Apps for People on the Go

Technology is pushing its trend towards mobility. As people become more accustomed to making use of computers on the go, the mobile market has shifted its eyes towards developing games that are better geared for people who have little time to devote to sitting in front of a computer. The two mobile application giants, iOS

Sim City for PC: First Look

I still remember the feeling that ran through my nerves while playing the earlier titles of Sim City. Every time I ran that ‘.exe’ file of the game, it instantly triggered a sensation of being God. That game allowed us to become the creator and the controller, by offering the freedom to build and manage

The Families of Video Games

Video games can be put into dozens of categories depending on the audience and game experience that they bring to their players. Some games capitalize on a particular category while others mix several ones within their programming, giving a far overall dynamic experience to players. The following are some of the dominant video game families