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Akoya Pearl: Significance of Elegance

It has been observed that majority of jewellery production is made by producers that have lower percentage of original metals included in it. The reason is their recent slight fall in prices which has been made because some new stocks or reservoir have been found in the oceans of China and Japan. Luckily the manufacturer

Valuable and Precious Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are beautiful and rare stones that are well sought after around the world. Popularly known as a girl’s best friend, these precious stones have grown quite popular as gift ideas or investment tools. But there is more to these gems than meets the eye.

Why Tungsten Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

Tungsten carbide has become increasingly popular in contemporary jewelry. Although the metal itself was originally discovered in 1781, it was not commonly used until the early 20th century. Then, in the 1920s and 1930s, tungsten and tungsten alloys began to be regularly used for industrial applications, such as the milling and cutting of iron and

What is Platinum, and Why Should You Buy It?

Platinum is considered to be the most luxurious and expensive material commonly used in jewelry, but many shoppers still don’t understand exactly what is platinum. This precious metal not only offers a handsome and classic look, but it is incredibly rare and surprisingly durable. Here are four things to consider when buying platinum jewelry.

Diamond Fashion and Care

We all agree that fashion is all about enhancing your personal style, but when it comes to jewelry fashion takes a whole new meaning. Unlike clothing, women look at jewelry pieces as timeless. They are meant to go well with various fashion trends, and still stand out for their beauty. This may be the reason

The Jewelry You Want Without the Budget Problems

Finally you have managed to save enough money to buy the same jewelry your idol wears. But when you arrive at the jewelry shop, you are still a bit disappointed because your money is still not enough. This article will try to wipe your disappointment by still being able to buy the jewelry you want

Mens Chains: Which One is Right for You?

A couple of decades ago men’s chains may have been considered more of a “retro” look, but all that has changed in more recent years. Men’s chain necklaces are now available in a vast variety of styles, materials and designs, ranging from sleekly modern to intentionally vintage in appearance. Here are some factors that you