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An Overview of Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

It may be so confusing to choose what device to buy nowadays with so many kinds of technologies available in the market. One gadget which is constantly on the trend is the tablet. Some tablets may be converted to netbooks when an optional keyboard dock is attached. There are also others that can be used

The Chromebook Makes a Comeback

Let’s face it—when Google first announced that it was developing a Chrome OS, there were quite a few naysayers from tech pundits who didn’t exactly find it as dazzling as Google had proposed it to be. It was meant to be a “nuclear bomb” against Microsoft’s OS, and everyone had to admit that this was

Hot Pink Laptops

With the wide variety of choices available, there is never an excuse not to be style-savvy, even when it comes to choosing your laptop. There are stylish and fashionable units available, which will suit your style preferences as much as it does with your technical requirements.