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Contour BI Portal

Contour BI Portal is a web application for publishing interactive reports. Contour BI Portal shows report catalogs and reports containing interactive tables, charts and multi-layer maps in a web browser with no additional client software. It provides adaptive GUI for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Benefits Our revolutionary, super fast cube in-memory technology supports two modes,

Contour Publisher

Contour Publisher is a script-based console tool that automates report updating and delivering. It automatically queries relational databases, creates or updates OLAP reports as Contour microcube, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML files, and delivers reports to users.Contour Publisher can be run on-demand or in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Update scripts for Contour Publisher

Contour Reporter

Contour Reporter is business intelligence tool for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis. With it, managers and specialists quickly receive business intelligence reports to improve corporate management: sales reports, customer lists, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports. Benefits Contour Reporter is a report designer, an analytical tool, and also a “thick” client

Contour BI Portal for Publisher and Reporter

Contour BI makes it possible to create a wide range of solutions in various industries With an easy-to-use platform for interactive reporting, data analysis and report distribution, Contour BI platform provides access to all corporate data sources, builds interactive reports with zero programming and publishes interactive reports to your local network and the web. Easy

Streamaxia OpenSDK iOS & Android Source Code

Streamaxia OpenSDK 3.0 For iOS and Android App Developers Add HD and semi low-latency live streaming & broadcasting capabilities to your app! Open broadcast – you are free to use any RTMP server and CDN out there. Drag, Drop & Go Live! OpenSDK 3.0 for iOS OpenSDK 3.0 for Android Fast Integration Integrate live video streaming

Sweepstakes Ninja

Sweepstakes Ninja is a revolutionary new software application, that significantly increases your chances of winning amazing prizes. Most sweepstakers say when they win and get a prize delivered to their door, they are excited. The cool thing is, that could be you. Join this elite group! Sweepstakes Ninja helps to make that a reality. And how – No-Code Platform for Building Digital Products

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30% Discount on Photolemur Fully Automated Photo Editor

Many individuals particularly photographers wish to make their images skilled with higher impact. They don’t wish to spend their time to edit the images and everybody cannot afford the costly or lavish gears. And everybody not needs to be taught Photoshop or different instruments like this. So that is the explanation most of the nice

Genie Timeline Review

If you are facing problem to protect your files which you have stored in your pc and worry about to secure that so you should use Genie Timeline Software. This software Genie Timeline Software makes your life easy in the case of protect all of you files where they are stored like on your pc,