The Best VoIP Phone Service

If you wish to know, what exactly is the best VoIP phone service which you can get then you have came for the right place. You will find out lots of information about VoIP providers and the cheapest VoIP service with the highest quality. Not just will you learn that has the best broadband phone service and what has low-cost VoIP service.

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A Brief Look at PCMag’s Top Editor’s Choice for Internet Telephony and VoIP

While browsing through loads of reviews from, I stumbled upon its Internet Telephony & VoIP section and saw a recent review penned by Fahmida Rashid regarding a certain phone service which instantly caught my fancy. While part of it is because I’m currently looking for a business phone system for the bakeshop my mom is opening up in a month, I read the review primarily because the product had the PCMag Editor’s Choice branding, meaning that it has the stamp of approval of the people over at PCMag who, day in and day out, pick and test products out of thousands and thousands of choices in various technology categories.

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Facebook Joins the VoIP game

If there’s one thing that no one can deny when it comes to Facebook, it’s the fact that it has managed to become an inescapable part of society right now. Everywhere we turn, it’s Facebook this, Facebook that; people are updating each other, adding each other, meeting each other, sharing their daily lives, and sharing things that shouldn’t be shared through the popular social network. Contests from all the big names have Facebook pages; businesses and online stores have Facebook pages in order to measure the pulse of the public when it comes to their brand and to provide better customer service.

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Comparing a Business VoIP and a Traditional Telephone: Which One’s Better?

The VoIP phone and the traditional telephone are two of the most talked about communication tools around. People are torn between the two phone services when it comes to their benefits and their disadvantages. Technology-wise, the VoIP phone is more advanced in terms of features and its ability to connect to the Internet. On the other hand, when talking about durability and ease of use, the traditional telephone is the best option.