The changes that have been brought about by the Internet over the course of the past several decades have changed nearly every facet of commercial activity beyond recognition. Indeed, the sweeping changes have been so sudden that many formerly rock solid corporations, from large shopping mall chains to world wide commercial institutions, have suffered grievously for their unwillingness or inability to adapt to changing conditions.

Out With The Old, In With The New

As could easily have been predicted, the world of business hasn’t paused one instant to lament over the graves of the fallen. In their place has arisen a whole new world of global commercial networks and web based super stores. As such, the Internet has completely rewritten the rules of the game, casting aside some of the older players to make room for the new.

New Segments Of The Global Economy Have Been Created Overnight

The modern digital realm has not only completely replaced the centuries old business model that corporations once followed like an unwritten law, but has also created entire new segments of the global economy. A whole new generation of visionary entrepreneurs, such as Bobby Kotick among a host of others, has likewise risen up to take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by the new, Internet based, model of business.

Young Business Professionals Are Enjoying A New Age Of Prosperity

While some corporations have gone under for good, others have embraced the challenge offered by the new digital age and have prospered beyond the wildest dreams of their illustrious predecessors. For example, the online gaming industry has expanded well beyond its former environment of video arcades and X Box systems to become a global industry now worth many billions of dollars. It was the Internet alone that made possible such a quantum leap forward, and it has done the same for many other industries.

Many Businesses Are Operating Solely Through The World Wide Web

Many businesses are now dispensing altogether with the traditional “brick and mortar” location and are instead operating solely through their authorized location on the world wide web. It’s not hard to see why this should be so. Local zoning laws, property taxes, property vandalism and break ins, and many other undesirable circumstances can be dispensed with simply by not operating from a physical structure.

A Physical Location Is No Longer Required To Do Business

Indeed, with the entire world of the Internet at their disposal, how many new business professionals really need a physical location? Customers who purchase goods and services from a corporation that has its headquarters located half way around the world aren’t going to patronizing a physical store any time soon. It’s far easier, and much more convenient, to make use of an online web store to purchase the items they require, simply by using their credit card or Paypal account.

What Does The Future Hold For The New Global Economy?

In answer to the question of just what the future may hold for the new global economy, there is no readily available recipe for prediction. However, there is every reason to believe that the Internet will continue to be a reliable indicator of the rise and fall of entire industries, as well as a beacon for incoming commercial trends.

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