Contour BI makes it possible to create a wide range of solutions in various industries

With an easy-to-use platform for interactive reporting, data analysis and report distribution, Contour BI platform provides access to all corporate data sources, builds interactive reports with zero programming and publishes interactive reports to your local network and the web.

Easy to Install

Run installation and follow instructions.

Rapid Creation of Analytical Solutions

Create an analytical portal, reports and dashboards with no coding.

Extremely Fast Cube In-Memory Technology

Interact with big amount of data in fraction of seconds.

Access to Reports from Anywhere

The same reports for all devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones.


Editions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, Android and iOS are supported.

Many Data Sources

Virtually all popular datasources are supported: Oracle, MS SQL, PostreSQL, Excel, Access, CSV, IBM SPSS etc.

Contour BI bundle for small projects or small business, Includes:

Contour Reporter 5 users licences

Contour Publisher 1 server license

Contour BI Portal 1 Year technical support subscription.


Contour BI creates analytical solutions for public organizations, statistical and sociological agencies, banks, and private enterprises.


Banks and financial organizations use Contour BI to create reports, dashboards, scorecards and BI portals.

  • Corporate reporting
  • Loan portfolio Analysis
  • CRM Analysis
  • Risks Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • P&L Analysis
  • Bank product Analysis


Contour BI modernizes statistics by making them more attractive and interactive. It speeds up the creation of solutions, at the same time making them more affordable, and all requiring minimal effort on the part of the user:

  • Statistics dissemination
  • Statistical Portal
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Tool for analytics
  • Dashboards for managers
  • Surveys publishing and analysis
  • SPSS data publishing and analysis


Contour BI is a Business Intelligence platform optimized for the public sector, publishing information on state sites in highly interactive and easy-to-read formats. Some solutions for governments include:

  • Statistics publishing
  • Census publishing and Analysis
  • Monitoring of industrial indicators
  • Monitoring of state programs
  • Analytical tools for citizens
  • Tool for analytics
  • Dashboards for managers


Contour BI is great for small, medium and large enterprises. There isn’t an industry it can’t be applied to for:

  • Corporate Reporting
  • Sales Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • CRM Analysis
  • Budget Reports
  • Reports, Scoreboards, Dashboards
  • BI portals