Contour BI Portal is a web application for publishing interactive reports. Contour BI Portal shows report catalogs and reports containing interactive tables, charts and multi-layer maps in a web browser with no additional client software. It provides adaptive GUI for desktops, smartphones, and tablets.


Our revolutionary, super fast cube in-memory technology supports two modes, one optimized for large numbers of users (thousands), the other focused on work groups using very large reports. Contour BI Portal stores projects and allows report authors to create reports remotely using Contour Reporter, as well as share projects, resources and data with other authors and publish them on a web site.

Web-based Business Intelligence

Contour BI Portal provides users with highly interactive multidimensional analytical reports, scorecards and dashboards in their browsers, with no need for additional software.

High Performance

Cube in-memory technology, efficient indexes and original terminal-like drawings of web pages make it possible for users to interact with large amounts of data at unheard of speeds.

Zero coding analytical web sites

Contour BI Portal makes it possible to create analytical and statistical web sites or analytical sections of corporate web sites without an advanced knowledge of programming.


Thin client

Users view interactive reports in their browsers without the need to install additional software. Most popular browsers are supported.

Mobile devices

The adaptive client allows users to view the same reports on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The GUI is changed automatically according to the screen properties.

Web based BI

All interactive analytical features available in the thick clients are also available in the thin client including drill down, drill through, filtering, pivoting.


Multidimensional interactive reports allow users to slice and dice, pivot and filter.


Fixed, non-interactive reports include images, headers, tables, charts, and obtain data from relational databases and cubes.


Interactive scorecards for managers show target indicators and percentages in various rich visual forms.


Dashboards integrates visual elements such as charts, gauges, grids from different reports and displays the currents status of metrics and KPI’s.


All permitted reports are shown to the user as a well-organized catalog in the form of a set of buttons or a hierarchical tree. Users can navigate through folders and reports, search reports by names, metadata and tags.


Each folder and report can contain metadata – a user-defined set of attributes describing reports, authors, data.


User authentication handles users, roles and permissions on projects, reports and data elements and operations on them.

Single Sign On

CAS server, JASS and LDAP are supported, so that a user can sign on once and work with Contour BI Portal and other web applications of the organization.


Contour BI Portal stores projects on a server and allows users to work on their reports together, create new projects, compose reports and publish them to a wide range of users.


Contour BI solution, project, report or any part of a report can easily be integrated into one or more web sites of an organization and any public sites.


Contour BI Portal is available on Arab, Chinese, English, French, Georgian, German, Latvian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Tadjik, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Vietnamese.