Contour Reporter is business intelligence tool for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis. With it, managers and specialists quickly receive business intelligence reports to improve corporate management: sales reports, customer lists, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and other statistical reports.


Contour Reporter is a report designer, an analytical tool, and also a “thick” client for the Contour BI Portal. It creates BI Projects and reports used by all Contour BI products.
Report authors use Contour Reporter to create reports in a visual environment and publish them for users in a local network or web. Analysts use Contour Reporter as a “thick” client for advanced data analysis. Users view reports created with Contour Reporter and published with Contour BI Portal in the web using only their browsers.

New quality of reporting

The in-memory OLAP technology integrated into Contour Reporter lets users view data from different angles, instantly summarize and drill down into data, and apply any combination of filters, performing a rich visual analysis and thus achieving a faster, deeper understanding of information with which to make better decisions.

Access to reports

Contour Reporter provides extremely convenient and flexible access to reports. Users can work with their local BI projects or connect to Contour BI Portal and open reports stored on the server. Each report can be stored on a computer or published anywhere in a form of Contour microcube – a file containing highly compressed data and all metadata.


Contour Reporter has a simple and friendly spreadsheet-like user interface. When working with reports, users can independently and in real-time obtain dozens of report variations with sub-second response times. Users can print and save reports in various formats: Microcube, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, and email them to colleagues. Authors can easily publish their reports in Contour BI Portal for web users.

BI+GIS in one product

Business Intelligence integrated with Geographic Information System has given birth to a new kind of analytics: geoanalytics.


Rich visualization

Reports include interactive tables decorated with images, conditional formatting, semaphores, a wide range of charts, graphs and gauges, multi-layer maps.


Versions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux are available.

Various report types

Contour Reporter lets you build interactive OLAP reports, non-interactive HTML-reports, dashboards, presentations – set of reports.

Local and server mode

A user can work with his reports either locally without access to Internet or as a client of Contour BI Portal using projects and reports stored on a server and collaborating with colleges.

Drill Through

Linked reports allow for the quick setup of a workplace for executives or leading specialists, gathering together connected reports that get information from the different informational systems within an organization. A report built from CRM data can immediately be integrated with a report containing data from ERP, and from there receive a report based on data entered in an Excel spreadsheet.

Easy Report designing

Reports in Contour Reporter are created without programming, making a deep technical knowledge unnecessary. Smart tools and technologies implemented in the application help create reports quickly – in a matter of minutes.

All types of OLAP

Contour Reporter creates reports based on large amounts of data – millions of records – and does it very quickly. In order to ensure maximum performance optimization, Contour Reporter supports three OLAP technologies:

  • ROLAP – building reports from relational databases. Query the database and receive reports in real-time
  • MOLAP – instant opening of pre-built reports
  • HOLAP – immediate opening of pre-built reports with the ability to update them from a relational database