Cool Accessories for the iPad

If you own an iPad, here are some accessories that you may want to consider buying to enhance your user experience and to make your iPad do more for you:

1. Case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard – if the touch screen keyboard’s lack of tactile feedback is bothering you, why don’t you get an actual keyboard? There are cases that open up to reveal a set of keys similar to an Apple keyboard. This makes the whole device and the accessory one neat package.

2. Wireless keyboard – sometimes, the case with a built in keyboard may be too small for you or have soft keys that do not fit your preferences. Apple, Logitech and other hardware providers have models that mimic the feel of a Mac keyboard. Sometimes, you can get a stand or other attachments with your keyboard. If you can’t decide, getting the Apple keyboard is always a good choice.

3. Dedicated bag or satchel – sometimes, you find really great bags that have special compartments made especially for the iPad and all its accessories. If you plan on protecting your device and all its bells and whistles, then you can put all the things related to your iPad in that specific bag. Some brands like PacSafe even guarantee your device from theft even if the bag is slashed thanks to reinforced wire mesh sown into the bag’s fabric.

4. VGA cable – you may want to use larger displays when you’re presenting at a meeting or watching a movie. With the right cable, you can actually connect your iPAd with another monitor or a TV. This way, you can swipe through your slides or use your iPad as a media player.

5. Privacy screen – the fact that you can take your device anywhere and surf the web or go through your files is a great convenience. But this also means that whoevver is with you on the bench or in the same coffee shop can see what you’re doing. You can use a privacy screen to avoid people knowing just exactly what you are looking at on Facebook. From the side, people can only see a blurred impression of what’s on your iPad. You, on the other hand, see it clearly and get great sensitivity and less sumdges since it’s a matte protector.

7. Stylus – Another great addition to your accessory collection for your iPad is a pen for it. The large display of any iPad, even the iPad mini, is great for taking actual handwritten notes. A stylus doesn’t even have to be for actual handwriting. You can actually use it to edit pictures, highlight ebooks and make diagrams with the right apps.

8. Headset with mic – acquiring a set of earphones may be enough for you, especially because the iPad doesn’t come with its own set of Apple earphones. Why don’t you get more functions with one accessory? The in-line mic lets you use apps like RingCentral and your music player with more functions. The mic can let you make calls on your iPad while the volume control and pinch button let you navigate your playlists with VoiceOver commands.

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