The décor of a living space should reflect the tastes and needs of the people who use the area daily. This is why decorating a home for the first time or revamping a décor theme is not a simple task, and the living room is one of those spaces that can change the look of the whole home. Whether you are establishing your décor theme for the first time, or revamping an existing look, a few tips for creating the right look will always come in handy.

Some very simple cosmetic changes can trigger immense decorative transformation in any room of the house. Selecting the right paint color for the walls for instance, means setting the foundation for all the other items that will be used to accentuate the space. Select colors that work as complements or accents and that can easily be combined with furniture and other elements to create a desired look. One tip to consider for future paint jobs is that a lighter color now, is easier to cover later than a darker one.

Another simple touch that has the potential to make big waves in the living space is the use of fabric. Fabric can be used to make unique slip covers that allow sofas and chairs to take on a fresh new look. Slip covers also help to maintain the fresh new look for the original upholstering work. This is a tip that should always be considered when you are installing new furniture. It helps to delay the need for upholstering work and postpone the need to replace the furniture in the long run.

Fabric can also be used to dress the windows and entrances. Drapes add class and elegance to any living space. Drapes with light or subtle shades exude a theme of calm relaxation. Some bright colors radiate excitement and fun while some colors can be used to create a tropical haven in the living room. The great thing about drapes is that you can make them from scratch if you are so inclined. You may also purchase them ready-made or get them custom built after you select your fabric.

Some home décor projects can require a bit more work and are typically done by professional contractors. These are the jobs that require hardware changes such as adjusting or replacing a window or a door. Window dressings such as indoor window ledges can be designed to add interest and style to the living space.  You can also add interior window dressings such as frames that accentuate the window and add interest to an otherwise bland wall.  Wooden window sills can be painted or stained to match the decoration style of the room.

Making changes to the stairs is another hardware related home decoration tip. Installing or remodeling your wood stair treads is an excellent option for creating a fresh new look in the living space. Because stairs are so large, they have the potential to effect a big change in the appeal of the room. This is a project that can be assigned to a contractor or completed as a do it yourself project. The key to doing a good job as a self remodeler is to use accurate measurements and some industrial strength construction adhesive.

The wood used to install the stair treads plays a significant role in the overall finish of the project. You can even find hand scraped wood stair treads that add flair and interest to the project. After a while, for a change, you can cover the stairs with carpeting. As with the other two projects listed above, you can do this yourself or hire someone to get the job done.

Caroline is an avid do it yourselfer who enjoys reading and experimenting on home décor topics. She has organized and executed over thirty home décor projects for her family and her clients within the last fifteen years and she has a deep knowledge on wood stair treads.