Diamond Fashion and Care

We all agree that fashion is all about enhancing your personal style, but when it comes to jewelry fashion takes a whole new meaning. Unlike clothing, women look at jewelry pieces as timeless. They are meant to go well with various fashion trends, and still stand out for their beauty. This may be the reason no woman thinks twice before buying diamond jewelry. Not only are such pieces beautiful, but also valuable and elegant. Today the diamonds industry of the world is huge and provides all sorts of diamonds to fit every budget and preference. Many celebrated jewelry designers are incorporating diamonds in the most unusual way. You can now find diamonds in not only conventional pieces like rings and necklaces, but also fashion accessories such as watches, head bands, belts and the like.

If you want to buy a diamond, there are two options for you. You can either opt to buy a loose diamond and eventually set it in a design of your choice, or buy a finished jewelry piece. Diamonds are valuable, and in many cases where you are looking for high quality diamonds, you must be careful to not fall prey to scams. A good way to avoid this is by dealing with reputable companies only. This not only ensures that the diamond is worth the price, but also guarantees of its origin. One of the must-haves in fashion jewelry is the three stone diamond ring. These days there are endless varieties in design of this style. You can choose something conventional like a princess cut center stone flaked by two princesses cut smaller carat weight diamonds. If you want something contemporary and trendy consider a pear shaped center stone with two round brilliant diamonds of the side or three unusual cut stones of the same carat in different colors.

Diamonds are durable and are never going to go out of style, but you still need to know how to care for your diamond jewelry in order to keep it looking new and fashionable. Here are some handy tips that will help you keep your diamond jewelry shiny and beautiful for years to come. The first thing you need to do is avoid wearing diamond jewelry while doing any activity that is physically tiring or makes you sweat. This includes exercising, working out, running, etc. Diamond jewelry must also be removed while doing household chores such as washing the dishes or clothes as the harmful chemicals in the detergent or chlorine bleach may cause damage to the jewelry piece.

Some diamond shapes have pointed edges. For example, the heart shape, the pear shape, and so on. While the prong settings may safeguard the sharp edges to an extent these sharp corners are still vulnerable to damage. Diamonds are also easily scratched. Many scratches on the surface of the diamond can take away from its natural beauty and brilliance. Thus, activities that put diamonds at risk of being damaged are best avoided.

You can clean your diamond jewelry by soaking it in warm water and mild detergent or soap mixture for twenty minutes or so and scrubbing it gently with a soft brush. Next, you rinse the jewelry and clean it dry with a soft dry cloth. You will find that the diamond jewelry is shinier than before. Just cleaning your diamonds is not enough. You must also make it a point to take your diamond jewelry to a reputed jeweler once every few years to check for things like loose clasps or settings and reset if necessary. Most reputable jewelry manufacturers and retailers also provide services like cleaning your diamond jewelry and polishing the precious metal to maintain the look of the piece.

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