Diamond jewelry must-haves

Diamonds truly are forever. Trends in jewelry have kept changing since centuries, but what diamonds mean to a woman has been constant. They are the most popular items to buy your way into a woman’s heart. Diamond jewelry makes for the perfect gift at occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, promotions, etc. If you too are thinking of buying a piece of diamond studded jewelry for that special woman in your life, here’s a list of choices for you.


It is all about individual fashion statements and personal style. If you have no idea about what your girlfriend likes, the best bet would be to go ‘unusual’. This doesn’t mean you buy her the funkiest item you see, but to let her decide what she wants. Women love men who take control, but also give them a choice. Buy a loose solitaire. There is nothing more beautiful than an exquisite diamond in a box. Choose a fancy cut, good color and clarity grades and a large carat size. To really go that extra mile, you could select a natural colored diamond. You can even buy such high quality diamonds online. There are many diamond traders online that offer loose diamonds for sale at reasonable prices without compromising on their quality or origin. Buy a loose diamond will give her the power to choose a design she likes. Plus, it will save you the trouble and stress of buying a finished product that she may or may not appreciate.

Diamond Studs

There is no better gift than a pair of diamond studs. They have replaced the yester years’ grandma’s pearls. Simple and beautiful, these look good on kids, young girls, teens, young women, as well as older women, which means you can buy them as a gift without worrying about whether she will wear them. While the round brilliant cut is the safest of this style and compliments women of any age, for younger or trendy girls you could choose other contemporary cuts like princess, pear, or heart. The best part about studs is that they can be worn daily and go well with everything from jeans to formal suits.

Diamond Anniversary Bands

These make great anniversary gifts. They are a fantastic way to commemorate a milestone in your life. Such bands come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are the popular 5 or 7 diamond rings and the eternity bands. Choose a lovely diamond shape to give the band a unique look. It may be wise to browse images online and get an idea first. Diamond anniversary bands are pretty affordable so this may be an ideal gift in case you are working on a budget.

Diamond Pendants

These are classic, elegant and versatile making a perfect gift for your wife or daughter. Remember that diamond pendants look classy in simple designs. Pay attention to the cut grade for it to look brilliant. It is also important to gift a pendant necklace, rather than just a pendant in a box. Remember that women love wearing a precious gift as soon as it is presented. Don’t put her through the trouble of going out and having to buy a chain to match the pendant. Also, be sure to buy the chain and pendant in a metal she prefers. For instance, there are many women nowadays that only wear white gold. Thus, buying the most attractive and costly jewelry in yellow gold for such an audience may be a waste.

Diamond Charm

If you are buying a present for your teenage daughter, the task has become simpler than ever. Most teenagers have at least one charm bracelet they never take off. All you need to do is buy her a diamond charm for her already beloved bracelet. Make sure it signifies something special like a specific memory or travel to make it special.

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