Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers – Which One Is the Best for Your Child

People are using cloth diapers from the very past. Then disposable diapers were introduced in the markets, almost 40 years back. Nowadays some modern cloth diapers are also introduced in the market that meets the expectations and needs of parents. Both of these have some advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss more about both of them here so that you may decide which one is best for you and your infant.

Disposable Diapers

  1. Many disposable diapers include inner liner that keeps the wetness absolutely away from the baby’s skin. It has a core that is absorbent. This diaper is made of pure wood pulp. It has superabsorbent polymers and waterproof outer covering.
  2. Disposable diapers are light and thin. It can meet the requirements for comfort, skin care, containment and easy to use. Sometimes you can use it to toss stool with it in the toilet. You must never flush the disposable diapers.
  3. You can wrap the disposable diapers in the outer cover. It can be discarded in the waste. It has waist elasticized bands and resalable tapes. Nowadays many new disposable diapers can allow the distribution and transfer of urine by not letting it wet.
  4. The layers of the disposable diapers have polyethylene breathable film. It can prevent soil transfer and wetness. The diapers have air laid paper. It also has nonwoven material near the skin of the baby. The distribution layer transfers the wetness to an absorbent layer.
  5. The disposable diapers have some common features like Velcro or adhesive takes. These features can keep diapers fastened securely. It can allow the diapers to fit perfectly. It has elasticized fabric that has double and single gussets near the waist and leg areas.

Cloth Diapers

  1. The cloth diapers are reusable diapers. It has also improved in many ways in some recent years. These diapers are available in various textures and absorbencies. You can find the cloth diapers in the nearby baby shop.
  2. The diaper service can pick up the dirty diapers. It can drop of the clean ones at least twice in the week. You must wash your diapers. It must be kept separately from all other clothes.
  3. You can dump stool in the toilet. People must rinse the cloth diapers in the hot water. It must be soak in the mild solution of detergent with bleach. Cloth diapers are made of natural fibers.
  4. The cloth diapers are made of bamboo, unbleached hemp and wool. There are also manmade materials in the cloth diapers. It has microfiber toweling layer and waterproof external layer with polyurethane laminate. Sometimes faux suede cloth and polyester fleece are also used.
  5. The cloth diapers are fastened with the safety pins. Some cloth diapers have hooks. Even some modern diapers have pockets. It has an outer shell that is water resistant. Nowadays cloth diapers are found in innovative designs.

Disposable and cloth diapers have some environmental effects that include waste disposal, water pollution, energy and raw material usage. Individuals must make their decisions according to the type of diapers and their needs and concerns.

Author bio: Baby cloth diaper matters a most when you are really concerned about your new born baby at night. Neha is a part time blogger and freelancer who besides working online manages well her family and new born baby.

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