Documents 4.1: A Must Try Document Viewer and Media Player

People who invest in different kinds of sales and marketing manages most of their files in their computers or tablets to make it more organized. When we say organized it means that one can easily find, view and scan files for business or personal purposes. Sometimes, personal videos and photos gets in the way or the documents get mixed with business matters.

How can an app for iPhones or iPad possible do the managing and viewing of documents and other media in one?

Readdle for App Needs

Readdle now offers an answer to this question by developing an app that helps in the management of documents and media in our tablets and android phones.

Readdle is a company that invests in developing business software for people. Operating since 2008, they claim that there are more than 1.4 million people around the world that relies on their software innovations and upgrading. They have been trusted ever since with the quality and efficiency of their developed software. The company’s focus is on file management and collaboration, on how it can be made easier and more efficient for businesses and working people. Their various products are available through the Apple App Store and through their website.

The new app created by Readdle is an app that lets you view and manipulate your files and documents and at the same time an app that allows you to play songs and watch your videos. This app is made exclusively and for free for iPhone and iPad users! The company released Documents 4.1 January of this year.

Currently, more than 1 million users of iPad had been using this application in managing and manipulating their files. These files range from PDF formats, text documents, photos, MP3 formats and MPEG formats.

Document 4.1: The Innovations It Can Do

You can edit your text files using Documents 4.1. You can also read your journals, articles, write-ups and even books that are in digital format. This app also provides a viewing access for your Office Documents. Documents 4.1 also allows you to highlight or put annotations to your PDF Files. Photo viewing is also possible.

In managing your files you can sync Documents 4.1 with different cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. Syncing your iPad or iPhone with this cloud service lets you share files with your friends or business associates. You can also copy documents and files from your Mac computers or laptops using this app. Talking about cloud services that provides innovation to our business ventures, you can check out the plans and services provided by RingCentral. They provide services in managing calls and phone systems.

This app is just 30.6 MB; it is more practical than having a document viewer and media player separately. You don’t have to keep your PDF reader or Download Manager because Documents 4.1 can to this task. This software is at its optimum with iPhone 5. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Costumers’ review said that it is very efficient and speeds up their performance in file management and viewing. It is very easy to find the buttons for different task and commands.

Documents 4.1 can also provide your files with passwords that you can set in for your exclusive photos, videos and sensitive documents. Attachments from e-mails can also be stored and downloaded using Documents 4.1.

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