When thinking about the security of your home, you need to remember that there are only a few convenient ways though which criminals can get access to your home. You can be sure that they will rarely consider breaking a wall since it is going to be a time consuming exercise and of course people around will discover that something unconventional is taking place. The very nature of criminals is that they always want something that is easy to accomplish and that no one else discovers what they are up to. This is the reason why doors and widows are always their entry points of choice and as a home owner; this is where you need to place your emphasis if you are going to enhance your home’s security.

Doors: It is very important that you have an account of keys to doors in your home. The best way to do this is to routinely reestablish the keyways for every single door. This is especially true for large families and especially those that have children. You don’t want to realize that a particular key is missing and you don’t know on whose hands it could have landed.

You want to make sure for example that you have locks that are effective and which will not be easily manipulated. Locks that have been around for several years need to be replaced as a matter of urgency. Remember that locks are mechanical devices and, as such, they easily get worn out with repeated use; they normally become less effective with passing time. It becomes very easy for skillful criminals to try and manipulate such locks in order to gain entry to your home. All your doors therefore require that you replace locks with new high quality ones. This is usually one of the cheapest ways to enhance security at your home. Think about installing deadbolt locks on some of your doors also. These are one way locks that cannot be manipulated by anyone from outside therefore making them quite effective.

Windows: It is extremely easy for burglars to exploit windows that are not properly secured and make them an entry point. Most of these thugs will not try to break glass in order to gain entry because they don’t want to create any attention to themselves be the noises that are going to be created by breaking glass. They almost always try to pick any loose locks as they try to force their way in through any means they possibly can. One great concept you can utilize is storm glazing the windows as a way of keeping burglars off your home. Storm windows always provide a powerful barrier to any form of intrusion into the home. You also need to think about double or triple insulation not only for its functional purposes but also as a way of creating a bigger line of defense against any unauthorized entry as a result of breakages by thugs. Don’t forget to have an effective window locking system that is operated from the inside where only emergency exit can be accommodated.  Every member of the family needs to know how such a device operates so as to stave off any confusion in case there is a stampede as a result of a fire.

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