Online shopping has become popular among the users. Magento is widely accepted web application that can help a web developer in custom designs specifically for developing an ecommerce website. When you visit online shopping website it is utmost important to follow certain rules, which can bring you the desired revenue and the flock of customers from varied segmentations.

This article provides you an insight about some Tips to make your website successful and popular. If you apply these tips, it can help you to bring good customers and make your website popular.


Easy Navigation on simple look

This powerful factor makes a visitor to permanently bookmark your website to his web browser. Your website should use simple and least plug-ins that can make the customer shop with minimum clicks. Let you site be an easy navigator too.

Look and Style

The fonts you choose should be soft, elegant and impressive to the customer. Use light and pleasant colors while giving links to your website.

Browser Compatibility

When you built an ecommerce website, see that it is versatile and compatible with the most web browsers available in the software market.

Product Review to Client Testimonials

It is advisable that you can give useful articles about the products. This can give the customers to get an idea about the product. However, make it short and simple. In addition, client reviews and testimonials from customers can also bring reliability. Highlight product info to avoid scrolling to see the details.

Contact Info

Let the customer speak to you- from complaints, suggestions to reviews. You can provide your snail mail details and a toll free number along with it.

Safe & Secure Transaction

Ensure that the client is able to see the account setting that includes privacy and security modules.


Precise Info

Let your e-commerce website not be a platform fact-finding platform. Give acute and precise info about the products and services.

Data Usage

Don’t make your website fill with so many videos, graphics and HD images. Make it as simple and light that the customer visit again for what he wants.

Font and Color Combination

Don’t use killer themes and color textures for your website. Be careful not to use distracting and large fonts that brings them a horror movie texture.

Outdated Topics

If you have any obsolete articles, take necessary actions to replace and update with the latest offerings.

Since Magento is popularly used website application, it is very important that the web designer knows its potential and usage, thereby helping the client to make a profitable venture. Using the correct design, template and graphics with right marketing strategies is the road to success.

Author bio: Edward is passionate about web designing and works for designing ecommerce sites using Magento extensions. He works in a web design firm in California and is dedicated enough to provide great results to his clients. You may reach him through various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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