Explore ten different aspects of Sydney

Sydney is known for its amazing tourist spots, friendly people, delicious food cuisine and good shopping areas. One can take the help of car hire Sydney airport and can explore all the aspects in the best way. Here are the top ten areas which are a must to visit in Sydney by hiring a car:

  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge: This Bridge is the icon of Sydney, on e should defiantly come here for enjoying the amazing views of the harbor. Best is to drive over the bridge as climbing is not possible for everyone.
  2. Rozelle Markets: This market is one of the best shopping area where bargaining can be done, one can buy vintage clothes, jewelry, some good books, etc. exotic food stalls are also available for enjoying the refreshments during shopping.
  3. Sydney Opera House: Opera house is also an iconic landmark of Sydney, it was completed in 1973. People like to come here for exploring the historical aspects, it is best to book the guided tours for understanding the significance of the building in the best possible way.
  4. Bungalow 8: For seafood lovers, this restaurant is a must to visit as it serves the best seafood items with great collection of wines. The lemongrass laksa stacked high with fresh mussels is a must to try as it is the specialty of this restaurant; the rates are good but worth paying for the delicacies.
  5. Clovelly Beach: Another beach which is a must to visit by hiring car service as it offers great water for swimming and snorkeling. The underwater visibility in this beach is great so come here and enjoy the underwater experience, for others there are many other activities going on the beach for enjoyment.
  6. Taronga Zoo: This zoo is located near Sydney Harbour; it is home to more than 2,500 different animals and was started in 1916. Visit this zoo by hiring a car service and spend great time with family and friends.
  7. Good Living Growers’ Market: This market offers 90 stalls with different products; one can get everything related to daily necessities. Hire a car and visit this market for getting the fresh products at reasonable rates.
  8. Blue Water Café: This café serves not just the best cups of coffee but also offers delicious pasta, burgers grills and wraps. One can visit this place with the loved one for enjoying delicious food items with a great cup of coffee.
  9. Sydney Aquarium: Explore more than 650 marine species in this place; this aquarium is one of the most visited spot as people like to explore the different marine species.
  10. Bondi Beach: Visit this beach by hiring a car service, the crystal clean water and the soft sand is the main attraction here, people also enjoy the various water based activities and the beach cafes.

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