How to Make Fashion: Fashion Ideas For You

Fashion can be made very easily and does not have to cost a lot of money to make. During the early 40’s when the second world war was in full swing, many women made clothes based off the materials they had around the home. During this time sewing machines and ribbons were very popular and so were self-made clothes. This same tradition can help you create your own home business creating fashion that you love. Since fashion is universal and timeless, there are a wide variety of different influences you can pull from to create your own line.

Seventies and The Influences of this Era

The history of fashion is sometimes used to help create the fashion of the future. A great example of this is bell bottoms of the seventies. During the early 2000’s bell bottoms became very fashionable again. Fashion similar to music, art and film seems to be very cyclical. In other words trends seem to come back to fashion after a few years of disappearing. Recently the hip hop culture has drawn many of its fashion trends from the late 80’s style of clothing. Many youngsters nowadays are wearing snapback hats, very tight fitting jeans and colorful shirts. Hip hop is just one example of the influence of pop culture on fashion.

Eighties and The Influences of this Era

In some cases the films or television shows of an area have helped create fashion trends. During the early part of the 80’s shows like, “Saved By The Bell” helped shaped young fashion. Many of the clothes that were worn on these television shows became incredibly popular within the teenaged fashion. Some of these clothes included: wristbands, headbands and leggings. Popular hairstyles of this time can also be seen today including: Mohawks, fades and flat tops. The fashion of this era was heavily influenced by the lifestyles choices that people were making.

Thirties and The Influences of this Era

The 1930’s saw some significant changes in the way that women wore their clothing. In times before, women never had to worry about day clothes and evening clothes. However, the thirties saw a huge change in the way that women dressed. For many day time engagements women would wear simple clothing that they could clean up and work around the house in. Rich women that could afford to by metallic lame would do so only for special night time occasions. The clothing of this time period really accentuated a woman’s curves, without being overly sexual.

No matter what era you find most appealing there is something that you can take and draw from to create your own clothing line. The clothing line does not have to just come from one era, but many. This will allow you to provide great apparel for a variety of different people. For people thinking about starting their own clothing business, the internet provides you with an opportunity to. The internet also allows you to collect the best news on all things fashion.

My name is Mark Richardson and I own my own T shirt boutique. This boutique allows me to create my own type of clothes. For anyone wondering how to make fashion, it is really as easy as finding inspiration and being motivated to create fashion.

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