The Nissan Juke is a compact crossover that boasts bold styling suggestive of biotic elements. Nissan’s major aim with the flamboyant design and higher practicality was to lure buyers of smaller cars. On its launch, Nissan described the mini-crossover as "energetic, compact and playful". U.S. News ranks the car at the 11th spot out of 22 affordable compact SUVs. Check out the following five Nissan Juke reviews to know what top critics are saying about the vehicle.

CarBuzz.Co.Uk Review

CarBuzz gives the Juke a 7.4 overall score. The critics primarily acclaim the car’s bold styling, decent value and outstanding character. The negative points are the high running costs, very firm ride and inadequately sized boot. The reviewers consider the unique and funky exterior styling and apparent practicality of the Juke as its main selling points.

As for the interior, CarBuzz reviewers praise the build quality of the Juke although they felt that some areas of the interior looked somewhat cheap. They also thought that the boot and rear seats are quite small for this type of car.

Most of the critics note the the firm suspension enables the Juke to handle quite well, although the lack of body roll gives a slightly fidgety ride. The critics also recommended the basic 1.6 petrol engine – although it’s a bit noisy – as the most efficient all-around engine in the range as it offers the best balance of affordability, frugality and entertainment.

On the whole, CarBuzz critics applaud the daring exterior styling of the Nissan Juke although it doesn’t really excel in other areas over rivals. Some aspects could even pass as below average. It’s an ideal choice for those searching for an affordable family car that stands out in appearance. CarBuzz pinpoints though that the running costs could deter buyers from choosing this car.

AutoExpress.Co.Uk Review

AutoExpress rates the Nissan Juke four out of five stars. The site mentions that the Juke’s design garners different opinions, "whether appealing or appalling", but it’s a commendable risky move by Nissan. The car performs excellently on the road with a 4WD grip and powerful motor. Its affordable price makes it a great deal. The main disadvantage of the Juke is its limited boot space.

AutoExpress reviewers describe the Juke as a "radical blend of SUV and sporty coupe". The looks are definitely catchy with exaggerated bumpers, large circular spotlights and 370Z-inspired tail-lamps. The bold theme is also observable inside where a motorcycle-inspired centre console matches accommodation for up to five people. The audio system is controlled by a slick user interface. The boot space is conspicuously compromised for a small SUV, at only 251 litres.

Based on their test drive, the 1.6 turbo eagerly revved, sending the Juke to 62 mph in nearly eight seconds. However, the critics note that the sounds were somewhat dull. Over their spiral test loop through coastal mountains, the torque-vectoring setting resulted in fast work of tight turns and swift curves.

AutoExpress concludes that the Nissan Juke offers excellent value given its unique styling, great fun factor, advanced engines and affordable prices.

AutoTrader.Co.Uk Review

AutoTrader reviewers illustrate the Nissan Juke as a car that appeals to buyers based on its looks alone. Same as the previously mentioned reviewers, the audaciously original exterior styling is what stands out the most for this car. Reviewers also note that the crossover drives well enough, and the competitive pricing and extra practicality make it a good rival against other compact cars.

The Nissan Juke’s five-door practicality, luggage capacity and rear seat space are some of its top advantages. However, the reviewers feel disappointed that the inside isn’t as clever as its exterior appearance, and the mini-crossover is also not as fun to drive as expected. The dashboard looks ordinary, and the paint finishes applied in the interior do not match fittingly. The lack of attention to detail pulls down the superiority of the Juke over rivals in terms of perceived quality.

Its poor aerodynamics and heavy weight also seemed discouraging. AutoTrader critics felt that the chunky looks of the car compromised its other aspects including the performance, handling and ride.

TopGear.Com Review

TopGear rates the Nissan Juke 6/10 in all aspects encompassing comfort, performance, cool factor, quality, handling, practicality and running costs. The critics conclude that the Juke may not be as useful as the Mini Countryman, but it’s more attractive and original in design and more fun to drive. Also, it’s manufactured in the UK.

In terms of comfort, the reviewers state that the Nissan Juke offers a flexible ride as it strides smoothly over urban lumps and potholes. The performance of the turbo petrol engine is fine although the engine tends to sound jangly at full acceleration.

As for its appearance, the Juke looks a bit quirky and funky. The interior, however, isn’t as exciting as the exterior. In 4WD, the boot appears rather small (207 litres). The rear seats don’t have the same headroom as its rivals. Running costs are also not as low as its competitors.

AutoCar.Co.Uk Review

AutoCar reviewers highlight the concept-car looks and surprising agility as the top selling points of the Nissan Juke while the car’s bad aspects are the plasticky cabin, poor sun visors and numb steering.

The looks of the Juke received split feedback. Some critics compliment its bold design while others consider it ludicrous. Nonetheless, the Juke is fun to drive as it draws varying reaction from people. AutoCar reviewers note that the car has a tall car handle with fantastic verve that doesn’t totally annihilate the ride, and this in itself is a great achievement.

Rear accommodation is average, and the booth isn’t quite large. The ride also tends to worsen for rear passengers. Still, the stylish design makes for a fun ride.

Overall, AutoCar critics liked the Nissan Juke a lot despite the numb steering and interior plastics. Juke offers great value and fun coupled with fairly reasonable pricing.

Hopefully, these reviews have helped you make an informed decision on purchasing a used Nissan Juke. When buying motoring/used cars, it’s always best to look into firsthand opinions to know more about the specific car you’re interested to buy.

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