Fashion apps for fashionistas help with everything from creating a virtual closet of what you already own to creating outfits, to shopping, to staying on-trend, and to sharing your style.

Virtual Closets

Closet+, an iOS app, and Stylicious, an iOS and Android app, are both free downloads. Photograph your clothes and upload them to either app. Closet+ even has a bulk import feature. You can organize your clothes into categories and subcategories by style, season, types of clothing, favorite outfits, and so on. You can also add tags to find clothes by color, activity, or clothes in need of mending, altering, or dry cleaning. Closet+ lets you create multiple closets. You can have a closet for each season or for work and play. College students could create one closet for clothes at school and one for clothes at home.

With your clothes organized, you can start mixing and matching to create outfits. You can plan what you will wear and check to see when and where you wore it last. You can also create packing lists for trips. Closet+ lets you track the cost of the item and its cost per wear. Both apps let you share your look, although sharing in Closet+ is through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail rather than directly with other users of the app.

To keep your clothes organized when you’re shopping, you can check your virtual closet to make certain you don’t already own what you are thinking about buying. With Stylicious, you can add photos of the pieces you are thinking about buying and mix and match them with what you already own to see how the new additions work with your current wardrobe. Stylicious also offers weekly fashion news from the Stylicious stylists. These features should help reduce the number of unfortunate purchases lurking in closets and drawers.

Shopping Inspiration

Pose is a social network with an app for iOS and Android. You can check Pose for a personalized daily dashboard of outfit suggestions based on your location, your local weather, and your answers to a survey that you fill out when you join the network. The dashboard also offers suggestions of new styles to explore for both day-to-day and special events. You can shop the Pose site for all of the items shown on your dashboard. The survey also helps you find others on the network with tastes that are similar to yours. If you are then standing in a dressing room and you’re not sure about a look, you can snap a picture, upload it, and get immediate feedback from other users of the app. For more inspiration, you can follow thousands of top fashion bloggers and stylists on Pose. If you do have some unfortunate purchases from the days before you had all of this fashion advice, you can list them for sale or trade on Pose.

Be Styled or Be the Stylist

If you’re bored with your wardrobe but you have the WiShi app, you may find that buying something new isn’t the only, or even the best, solution. All you may need is a world full of stylists willing to come and play in your virtual closet and create outfits by adding their vision to your clothes. Use the WishiCam app to upload your virtual closet to the WiShi site. Then when you need new ideas for what to wear for a special event or day-to-day, you simply post a request for others to style a look for you. Add the looks you like to the outfits category in your Closet+ or Stylicious virtual closet. You can also browse through other’s requests for a styling, visit their virtual closets, and have some fun creating a look for them.

With your clothing organized by categories and subcategories in a virtual closet, you should never again have a problem with wearing the same outfit too often, with finding that some part of your favorite outfit needs dry cleaning or mending, or with buying something that doesn’t work with what you already own. All of the up-to-date fashion advice should keep your look on-trend and keep you from becoming bored or running out of fresh ideas for new outfit combinations. These fashion apps compiled by Sliderobes of Sydney are the perfect tech solutions to organized styling for fashionistas everywhere.

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