Get organic blog traffic 5 best and easy ways

There are so many methods that can help you to generate organic traffic to your blog. By organic we mean that visitors who come to your site from search engines. For this, you need to understand search engine optimization and other stuff associated with it. With a properly optimized blog for search engines, you can boost traffic tremendously. Search engine optimization involves many elements such as proper use of keywords, creating fresh and unique content, link building, social sharing, etc.

If you are interested in knowing how to get organic traffic to your site, here are the methods that are really awesome and easy to start with.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword is the most important element of SEO. If you use better quality keywords in your content then you are most likely to get your blog easily searched on search engines. If you want to get more traffic from search engines, then research for keywords that are not highly competitive. You can always use Google Adword keyword tool to find better quality keywords. For instance, you have a business related to internet marketing, SEO services, digital marketing solutions, etc then you can go to Google Adword keyword tool and enter few keywords such as internet marketing, internet marketing solutions, SEO services, etc Adword tool suggests related keywords so that you get better keyword ideas. After you choose your targeted keywords use them in your title, Meta keywords and Meta description.

2. Fresh and unique content

One of the most important factors that major search engines like Google consider for ranking search results is the quality of websites and blogs. That means you must always write fresh and attractive content to bring visitors and search engines to your site. The more interesting and useful your content is the better. Hence you need to focus more on your content than the graphics and other designing elements for your site. Also it’s important that you choose latest topics to write so that readers will definitely show interest in your posts and share it with their friends too.

If your content is useful and interesting, it makes your visitors stay for long on your blog and more importantly they are likely to visit other pages and posts on your blog. Google considers the amount of time visitors spend on your blog in its search algorithm to decide that your content is relevant and useful. A bad content may disappoint visitors and turn them off thereby hurting your Google traffic.

And above all, create a catchy headline for your article. Do some research before creating it. If the headline seems to be highly competitive try another title and never spam the title.

3. Link building

Link building is another effective method to boost organic blog traffic. Search engines love quality links and hate irrelevant links. We can build links by commenting on other blogs and also guest blogging is also a great way to create backlinks. This is called link building and there are different ways of doing it- backlinks, outbound links, reciprocal links, etc.

The best way to build links overtime is to link to reputed sites a lot. If your post is really interesting, they’ll find an opportunity to link back. Most sites are eager to post free content and you’ll get a target link back to your own blog.

You can also leave links to your site within your comments in related forums or blogs but make sure to you add to the conversation.

Internal links within your blog posts that direct the visitors to your best pages, additional useful posts and related content can help to boost your organic search engine traffic. By attracting visitors to your best and interesting posts, people are likely to share your posts with their social networks and come back to your blog for more.

4. Interact with your Audience

When someone makes a comment and you just don’t reply then that visitor might not come back to your blog and hence you lost fair amount of traffic. If you reply to your readers’ comments and help them in every situation, chances are that they like your blog and will definitely share it with their friends and hence more traffic.

5. Social networking

Setting up social signals, managing them and updating them are another way to increase traffic. People are more likely to trust something that their friends or family recommend to them. Google considers social signals to rank a site. Social platforms help you in getting your brand out there than for any direct traffic increases. Hence make sure to add social sharing buttons such as Digg, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and others before or at the end of your post so that readers can easily share your content.

Nyssa Sherri is a freelance writer who has been writing about social media, women’s education and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify.

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