Graph Search: Not Your Ordinary Search

Before, people are already satisfied with the information given by Google, Yahoo and other search engines about things they are looking for. But now, people are now looking for a more meaningful way to search for things they are interested with; they want more than just mere links from the World Wide Web. This 2013, Zuckerberg just did the thing for you.

Graph Search is the most recent innovation of the blue-walled social networking site. Unlike the usual web search engines, the search results provided by Graph Search is not based on the most updated or most popular websites; rather, it is based on what matters most to the people you are connected with on Facebook.

Basically, Graph Search gives you the most relevant information you can ever get about a particular stuff. Gone are the days of "trial and error" in finding a restaurant; with Graph Search, you can find what restaurants your friends have dined into by just typing "restaurants my friends like." Facebook allows you to search within a people-centered database.

Graph Search features amazing capabilities your usual search engine can never handle.

  • Implied Recommendations. Facebook "likes" will be more meaningful than ever because the number of likes a Facebook content gets will determine its visibility on Graph Search results. Thus, if you’re looking for a publishing house without taking so much time calling your friends for recommendations, the Graph Search will display the publishing house liked by your friends and rank them from the most liked to the least.
  • Shared Interests. Aside from recommendations, you can now know who likes what you also like without scanning your friends’ profiles one by one. With Graph Search, all you have to do is type "my friends who like Forbes Magazine" and you’ll know who’s reading the pages you turn right away.
  • Social Media GPS. You can also know who among your friends live in or have been to a certain place; for instance, you can just type "my friends who live in/have been to New York" and begin to set meetings with them.
  • Integrated Web Search. Facebook is working with the Bing search engine so you can do web searches within the blue walls just like how you would with Google or Yahoo. Since none of your friends knows if the day will be rainy or sunny (unless one of them is a meteorologist), you can begin your morning by typing "weather forecast for today" on Graph Search and it will give you a list of web links to tell you so.

Everyone who already knows about Graph Search has been enjoying this new convenience Facebook offers. However, people who know and who are yet to know about this search innovation should also know that privacy concerns come along with it. Facebook still assures its clients that people can discover what they like or where they have been to as long as they review their settings on who can see their profile’s content and what these people can see.

Before, Facebook is just an avenue to share stories and things you love with the people you are connected with. Now, these stuffs are going to be put into better use as Graph Search achieves a milestone in making them more than random posts on your friends’ news feeds – that is, creating a friend-based database to provide the most relevant information possible from you and your friends.

By maximizing these capabilities of Graph Search and advance phone services, access and exchange of information is faster and easier.

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